Process of Legal Research

<p> With a proven-effective process approach that has made this book a continual best seller, <b>The Process of Legal Research, Seventh Edition</b>, offers comprehensive coverage in a format that is pedagogically rich, meaningfully organized, and surprisingly concise. </p> <p> Written and organized to explain and show the process of Legal Research, <b> The Process of Legal Research, Seventh Edition</b>, includes: </p> <ul> <li> a thorough introduction to the process of Legal Research </li> <li> extensive illustrations and examples </li> <li> one continuous in-text example that illustrates how to research a complex problem </li> <li> a focus on best-research practices—how to choose the most appropriate source and media for various types of inquiries </li> <li> integrated coverage of electronic research </li> <li> extensive, well-researched problem sets on a CD included with the book </li> </ul> <p> With updated sources throughout, the <b>Seventh Edition</b> features: </p> <ul> <li> expanded coverage of non-Lexis/Westlaw on-line sources </li> <li> chapter-by-chapter templates for each type of research </li> <li> an updated and streamlined continuous research problem, with some explanatory material moved to sidebars </li> <li> enhanced discussion of the links between legal research and legal analysis </li> <li> a new author website that offers research tutorials </li> </ul> <p> This long-time leader in the field shows no signs of slowing down. Examine your complimentary copy to find out why <b>The Process of Legal Research</b>, now in its <b>Seventh Edition</b>, leads the pack. </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p>