Ève de ses décombres

Ève de ses décombresJe suis Sadiq Tout le monde m appelle Sad Entre tristesse et cruaut , la ligne est mince ve est ma raison, mais elle pr tend ne pas le savoir Quand elle me croise, son regard me traverse sans s arr ter Je disparais Je suis dans un lieu gris Ou plut t brun jaun tre, qui m rite bien son nom

The Prospector

The ProspectorThe Prospector is the crowning achievement from one of France s preeminent contemporary novelists and a work rich with sensuality and haunting resonance It is the turn of the century on the island of Mauritius, and young Alexis L Etang enjoys an idyllic existence with his parents and beloved

The Rape of Sita

The Rape of SitaBanned within hours of publication in her native Mauritius for enraging fundamentalists, Lindsey Collen s pathbreaking The Rape of Sita went on to win the prestigious Commonwealth Prize for Best Novel in Africa A powerful and stylistically innovative work, Collen s novel exemplifies the brilliant

The Interrogation

The InterrogationFrom the original Atheneum edition jacket, 1964 J.M.G Le Cl zio, revelation of the literary year ran the headline of the Paris Express after last year s prizes had been awarded The Goncourt jury was locked five to five until its president used his double vote to give the prize to the older

River of Smoke

River of SmokeIn September 1838, a storm blows up on the Indian Ocean and the Ibis, a ship carrying a consignment of convicts and indentured laborers from Calcutta to Mauritius, is caught up in the whirlwind River of Smoke follows its storm tossed characters to the crowded harbors of China There, despite


GeorgesA major new translation of a stunning rediscovered novel by Alexandre Dumas, Georges is a classic swashbuckling adventure Brilliantly translated by Tina A Kover in lively, fluid prose, this is Dumas s most daring work, in which his themes of intrigue and romance are illuminated by the issues of

Blank 133x176

Blank 133x176A powerful examination of the artistic impulse, cultural identity, and family bonds Anita is waiting for Adam to be released from prison They met twenty years ago at a New Year s Eve party in Paris, a city where they both felt out of place he as a recent arrival from the provinces, and she as an

Blue Bay Palace

Blue Bay PalaceExposing the extremes of life in a developing country, this compelling novel of doomed love shows how poverty, class divisions, and ramshackle housing become even harder to bear when luxurious resorts and rich tourists arrive on the scene Growing up on the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean,

Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)

Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)From the 1 New York Times bestselling author of The Giver of Stars, discover the love story that captured over 20 million hearts in Me Before You, After You, and Still Me They had nothing in common until love gave them everything to lose Louisa Clark is an ordinary girl living an exceedingly

The Prisoner of Paradise

The Prisoner of ParadiseWhen Lucy arrives in Mauritius she is unprepared for the disquieting attractions of Don Lambodar, a young translator from Ceylon Under the surface there is growing unease, it is 1825 Britain has wrested power from France and is shipping convict labour across the oceans The age of slavery is

Les jours vivants

Les jours vivantsA chance encounter on Portobello Road incites an unsettling, magnetic attraction between Mary, a seventy five year old British spinster, and Cub, a thirteen year old Jamaican boy from Brixton Mary clings increasingly to phantoms and fantasies as dementia overtakes her reality, latching on to Cub

Sea of Poppies (Ibis Trilogy, #1)

Sea of Poppies (Ibis Trilogy, #1)At the heart of this vibrant saga is a vast ship, the Ibis Her destiny is a tumultuous voyage across the Indian Ocean shortly before the outbreak of the Opium Wars in China In a time of colonial upheaval, fate has thrown together a diverse cast of Indians and Westerners on board, from a bankrupt

The Mauritius Command (Aubrey & Maturin #4)

The Mauritius Command (Aubrey & Maturin #4)Captain Jack Aubrey is ashore on half pay without a command until Stephen Maturin arrives with secret orders for Aubrey to take a frigate to the Cape of Good Hope under a commodore s pennant, there to mount an expedition against the French held islands of Mauritius and La R union But the

Golden Bats & Pink Pigeons

Golden Bats & Pink PigeonsOn this speck of volcanic soil in the middle of a vast sea, a complete, unique and peaceful world was created slowly and carefully It waited there for hundreds of thousands of years for an annihilating invasion of voracious animals for which it was totally unprepared, a cohort of rapacious beasts