This really ticks me off. First of all, these “famous” people have got the definition of McCarthyism all wrong. Sen. Joe McCarthy and his Communist witchhunt were surely a black mark on our nation’s history in the last 100 years. However, people writing to their favorite actor/actress/whatever and to the employers of that person that they do not appreciate that person’s personal views being broadcast is not McCarthyism. McCarthyism was driven from the government. If Joe Blow dislike’s Martin Sheen’s politics (not picking on him personally, but he is mentioned in the article), chooses to write NBC that he will no longer watch the West Wing and follows through on his vow, that is personal choice.

Anyone who is in the public eye and chooses to broadcast their beliefs via press conferences is subjecting themselves to criticism of their beliefs. After all, if they weren’t famous, would they even be having a press conference to begin with? I have yet to have any of my press conferences attended by members of the media. So, my message to the Hollywood types: If you can’t handle the public reaction, then resist the urge to call all your friends at the networks to cover your latest statement of your core beliefs (Mike Farrell, I’m looking your way).

I now open myself to criticism by broadcasting this via the internet.