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Homeworld (To The Stars, #1) Homeworld To The Stars, 1 Kindle Epub Author Harry Harrison Polishdarling.co.uk Jan Kulozik Was One Of Earth S Privileged Elite A Brilliant Young Electronics Engineer, He Enjoyed All The Blessings Of A 23rd Century Civilization That Survived The Global Collapse And Conquered The Stars, Unaware Of The Millions Who Slaved Or Starved To Maintain His Way Of Life.Then Jan Met Sara, A Beautiful Agent Of The Rebel Underground Dedicated To Smashing Earth S Rigid Caste System Through Her He Discovered The Truth Behind The Lies He D Been Taught His Every Move Watched By State Surveillance, Jan Risked His Position And His Life To Restore Humanity S Heritage.

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    I don t think this book ever got its due Harry Harrison will always be best known and loved for The Stainless Steel Rat But, trust me on this, if you spot any of his books with the word world in the title, grab it, read it I have always found the Deathworld series evenenjoyable than the Rat series An

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    I liked this book very much I read the second book back when I was in high school and only recently decided to read all three parts.As far as dystopian fiction goes, I don t think there is anything new here What makes the book, however, is Harrion s writing and characterization The story moves briskly and smoo

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    I used to think I liked Harry Harrison s work, now no longer with us apparently, but even though Homeworld had been on my bookshelf for years I had never completed it, and now having done so I can understand why It shows its age 1980 although when you have finished reading it, the plot holds together moderately well But

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    Homeworld, in 1980, was a reprise of 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 Today it is as topical as its forerunners are, still The frog boiling experts have won Against ignorance the gods themselves strive in vain Good people will read this and weep, knowing Jon would today die in a hail of SWAT bullets when he lands in book 3, instead of tri

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    And so our journey through Harry Harrison s stellar back catalogue whisks us straight from Deathworld to various other kinds of worlds, all linked in another series The To The Stars Trilogy isn t terribly aptly named unless you add an imaginary ellipsis and round it off with a rousing And Back Again Because although the individual instalme

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    This is the first book in the To The Stars trilogy by Harry Harrison This one takes place in the not too distance future where after the Earth runs out of fossil fuels an upper class takes control of most of the world governments and most everybody else is a prole Most proles have no jobs and live on the dole Jan Kulozik is of the upper class and a

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    I have both good and bad things to say about this book First, the good things it was an entertaining read, full of exciting action sequences that carried the story along nicely Harry Harrison was a skilled writer until he died, that is , and this is clear in his well drawn narrative Now, the bad things the story seemed to lack direction Beyond that I was read

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    This is the first book in Harrison s To the Stars trilogy The action takes place on a future earth where society has become highly stratified Our hero, Jan Kuozik, is a brilliant engineer and part of the privileged elite He s coddled and deferred to by those of lesser status than him.But all is not sweetness and light in the utopia When this is slammed home to him, Jan

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    Homeworld takes place over a century in the future Following the collapse of twentieth century economies and nations when natural resources became exhausted, a new totalitarian world order has emerged It s a society clearly reminiscent of Orwell s 1984 a few elites manage international affairs through disinformation and control of education in history, while the proles labor in

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    Harry Harrison isfamous for his Stainless Steel Rat series, but the To The Stars trilogy is one of his best works Homeworld is the first in the trilogy How would life be in a dystopian future if you were one of the elite and didn t realise how bad the world really was This is the life that Jan Kulozic is living Jan is an engineer whose eyes are opened after an accident brings him into con

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