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Vampire Knight, Vol. 7 R To L Japanese Style Yuki Debates Asking Kaname About Her Past, Suspecting That He May Have Been The One Who Erased Her Childhood Memories Zero Confronts Kaname To Find Out The Truth, And The Two Come To Blows Over Yuki

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    Number 7 I m well on my way to finishing these books.This book went much faster than the last one The drama is amped up and we will eventually find out Yuki s past Kaname is getting closer t

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    Don t ever forget for whom this blood was offered.OMG I can t believe what happened actually happened Wow I knew it was coming but then again I really didn t they d but then I saw with my own eyes th

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    Umm Damn Like, holy baby chocolate bunnies DAMN Yeah Volume 7 kicked so much ass It s kind of shocking that three main characters, a slew of background and secondary characters, and just vampires in a school is

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    Be my lover Bwahahaha When Kaname said that to Yuki, I almost fell out of my chair, I was laughing so hard It s so wrong, in so many ways But, it s things like that that make me enjoy this series Although I do find it in

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    Yuki doesn t remember anything about her past except the ones she has with Kaname, the vampire who saved her from a blood thirsty vampire ten years ago, and she suspects Kaname may have had something to do with it She confronts hi

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    Beautiful pictures The emotions come through so well I can just gaze into the eyes yes, big eyes and know just what the characters are thinking.Intense, as always The plot is a bit long and drawn out, very gothic I m loving it.

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    Could this volume end at a worse cliff hanger No, didn t think so.While I love this story, it tends to stall at times There will be pages of beautiful artwork where not a whole lot happens The characters have so muchpotential than they re given That s not to s

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    some rapturous kaname zero in this one are we sure we re still in shojo land

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    I could care less about Kaname and Yuki, the Mary Sue Twins, at this point I m here for Zero.

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