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Marcia Schuyler (Miranda Trilogy #1) Download Marcia Schuyler Miranda Trilogy 1 Author Grace Livingston Hill Wgf2011.eu Grace Livingston Hill Weaves An Enchanting Love Triangle And Introduces One Of Her Most Delightful Characters In Part One Of The Miranda Trilogy Two Sisters Are As Different As Night And Day And Inexplicably Linked By The Man They Both Desire Kate Schuyler Lives Only For What Pleases Her In The Moment, While Marcia Schuyler Sacrifices Her Youth To Marry Her Older Sister S Jilted Fiance Can Marcia Endure Living In Borrowed Clothes And A Borrowed Home With A Borrowed Husband Is There Hope To Win Her Husband S Love When Kate Returns, Spinning A Web Of Deceit

About the Author: Grace Livingston Hill

also wrote under the pseudonym Marcia MacDonaldalso published under the name Grace Livingston Hill LutzA popular author of her day, she wrote over 100 novels and numerous short stories of religious and Christian fiction Her characters were most often young female ing nues, frequently strong Christian women or those who become so within the confines of the story.

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    If you have never read any of Ms.Hill s novels, I would like to recommend this one as a good start She wrote over 100 novels along the lines of Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and Laura Ingall...

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    When I was younger, we would go visit my great aunt during the summers She lived in this bitty town in nowhere southern Indiana She talked non stop, called everyone by their first and middle names together, set her thermostat at 60 degrees, and cooked with real butter and cream She told everyone how to do everything For entertainment, we would drive around to chec

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    Marcia Schuyler revolves around Marcia and her sister Kate and their relationship with David Spafford The story begins a few days before Kate is to wed David Marcia sees David s worth and rejoices in her sister s good fortune, but Kate herself finds David too staid and moralising As a result, she elopes with another man the night before the wedding On the morning of th

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    This book was so fascinating that I could hardly put it down or stop thinking about it I read it as fast as I could because I just had to know the ending The story revolves around 3 people whose lives are forever changed the day of a wedding I can t saywithout exposing the main theme of the story the main problem to be dealt with I found it very captivating It s not necessari

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    This book, written in 1908, was a surprise to me concerning the soap opera content Jealous women, beguiled men

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    Different than usual for this authorbut still enjoyable.

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    This is my third time to read Marcia Schuyler The first time, I loved it The second time, I merely liked it The third time around, I just loved it again The plot is unusual in a way Marcia Schuyler was supposed to be a bridesmaid for her sister, instead she became the bride and married her sister s intended groom All with the permission of the parentsand the groom of course Her sister decided

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    I have always loved this romance, written by an absolutely gifted author I read this book first when I was fourteen years old and I believe it affected my thoughts and ideas of romance at that young age Rediscovering the story of sweet, self sacrificing Marcia Schuyler was like calling up an old friend.This tale takes place many years ago, before feminism meant women could be rude and unwomanly Marc

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    I probably would not re visit this author the writing style meanders along with many ponderings and descriptions and I was always ready to get back to the story It s quite romantic not my favorite but a nice story of Marcia finding love without Kate There s deception and twists but still within the pages it was mostly about romance of some sort I don t know if I ever really knew any of the characters, eve

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    The Hill athon continues Best implausible plot yet yes, implausible even for Hill When Marcia s sister leaves her groom at the altar, her father s solution to save face is to marry Marcia to the groom instead Now Marcia has always loved David, and never thought her sister was worthy of him So, now she is the wife of the man she idolizes but will she ever be able to express that love, or receive it in return Big

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