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The Demon Spirit (Corona: The DemonWars Saga, #2) Elbryan And Pony Soul Mates From Childhood Who Grew Even Closer Over Time Fervently Hope That The Tide Of Darkness Is At Last Receding From The Land Of Corona Yet If Evil Is On The Retreat, Why Are Hordes Of Goblins And Bloody Capped Powries Slashing Their Way Ever Deeper Into Civilized Lands A Sinister Threat Now Looms Over Corona, For The Power Of The Demon Dactyl Was Not Entirely Vanquished By The Sacrifice Of The Monk Avelyn Desbris Instead, Its Darkness Has Infiltrated The Most Sacred Of Places As A Once Admired Spiritual Leader Rededicates His Life To The Most Vicious, Most Insidious Revenge Against The Forces Of Good There May Be No Stopping The Spread Of The Malignant Evil

About the Author: R.A. Salvatore

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Demon Spirit (Corona: The DemonWars Saga, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted R.A. Salvatore author readers around the world.

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    The Demon Spirit by R.A Salvatore continues The DemonWars Saga The demon is destroyed in his physical manifestation but he can still influence people in their minds The demon dactyl infiltrates the religious leader Father Abbot Markwart and Markwart becomes obsessed with power Salvatore creates a story that ispolitical church court thriller and I think it would have worked much bet

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    The second book in the Demon Wars Saga focuses muchon the dissension of the monks The monks story arc is a bitaggravating as it is filled with strife and very little resolution There is a strong focus on the villain, who is a bit too typical of a villain The book is definitely a second book in a trilogy, as it is mainly a stepping stone into the next book Overall, the war with the demon is

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    This is the second book in the Demon Wars saga and I was a little disappointed.Salvatore does what he does best he has great characters, tons of action and great fight sequences.So why the disappointment Way too much plot devoted to the church and the corruption within I ve always found religion to be a little bit silly to begin with but I understand that it s a major plot point in a lot of fantasy

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    As with the first book, I was both flipping through this book as well as listening to Graphic Audio s rendition of it I ve sorted of gotten used to it It s kinda nice in its own way, like listening to a movie Although reading Salvatore s action scenes is where the writing really shines.As for the story itself, I found it to bepalatable than the first book at least, some parts of it.The weak parts are again o

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    FYI, the rating is for this book only while the review is for the whole saga Reading the first book made me excited at first, this is a promising new saga, I said to myself.Then as the story progressed I realized that these are basically very similar to the tales of Drizzt Do Urden and his companions Yes they had different names and appearances, came from different lands, and fought against pretty much similar darkne

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    I finally forced myself to finish this, I started rereading many of my books onover continuing this Definitely a bad sign but I still cannot work out why it doesn t hold my interest I think it is something about the villain and that plotline, it seems like they just get out ofsituations than they really should and are surprisingly disconnected from the heroic storyline.

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    This book picks up pretty shortly after the close of the first book, The Demon Awakens In fact, there are still goblin and powry armies attacking towns in the region, and the Abellican church is still recovering from the perceived betrayal of Brother Avelyn.For the first half of the book, the main scope of the action is dealing with the aftermath of the Demon s apparent defeat, and in a way in feltaction oriented than most of the firs

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    After reading the excellent The Demon Awakens which I thought was Salvatore s best novel , I must say that I was disappointed in THE DEMON SPIRIT Slower pace,predictable, andstereotypical characters make this one much less entertaining than the previous volume Additionally, this one is not a stand alone novel such as THE DEMON AWAKENS was, as Salvatore obviously made a stretch to extend that great and complete story into a trilogy All that bei

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    Like the first book in the trilogy, the story in The Demon Spirit revolves around Elbryan and Pony, but Markwart and Jojonah now become major characters In the first book, you could see that Markwart was not what could be considered a moral, religious leader And in this book, he holds the power and the warped mind to become the ultimate epitome of evil Him nemesis, Master Jojonah, takes the side of good in this story, but is almost powerless to stop Ma

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    Sort of what would have happened after Lord Of The Rings if the orcs hadn t all run away The surviving heroes are returning home from their desperate quest, but home is not what it used to be Although the book is from 1999, it feels very post 9 11 if its examination of how the fight against evil turns some people into heroes and others into bigots, and every combination permutation in between It s never very subtle, but I give it a lot of credit for finding new

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