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The Great Book of Amber Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found Here Roger Zelazny S Chronicles Of Amber Have Earned Their Place As All Time Classics Of Imaginative Literature Now, Here Are All Ten Novels, Together In One Magnificent Omnibus Volume Witness The Titanic Battle For Supremacy Waged On Earth, In The Courts Of Chaos, And On A Magical World Of Mystery, Adventure And Romance Back Cover

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    I adore this series I have read and re read this book since high school What can I say It captured my imagination and has kept ahold of it for years This was the work that Zelazny worked on through his career I think it is what he wrote for fun It isn t complicated but it is epic.Imagine that there is only one true world and it casts shadows

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    I m going to read the whole of this book in 2019, in order most recently read at top nn Aug 19 6 The Trumps of Doom Up next Pending other BRs beginning in July 19.14 Jun 19 5 The Courts of Chaos First duty, then liberty shall be the whole of the law.Corwin, prince of Amber rises to face the threat of existential obliteration of all he holds d

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    This book has a special place on my bookshelf It was the second fantasy series I read after LotR These two are the reasons I love fantasy genre Since that time no other books forced me to use my imagination to the same extent as Amber Each book there are 10 completely changed how I thought Amber world works Some people feel the last five books

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    Update Please read this first before complaining about my rating People keep complaining that my 1 star is unfair because some books were better than others Here s how I see this work I don t see it as different books the way one would read say an Agatha Christie novel Each Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple mystery is a stand alone even if characte

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    The Corwin Cycle 5 The Merlin Cycle 4

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    Nine Princes in Amber The Guns of Avalon Such a hard couple of books to give a rating for The worldbuilding is spectacular The overall story arc of the series is truly ambitious in its epic scope Zelazny s writing serves such a vast narrative well dry and to the point, sometimes witty, other times quietly poetic I find the pace to be a bit unbala

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    Please note this review applies only to the Corwin Cycle as I have never particularly liked Dara or cared about Merlin.Can you imagine a world without fantasy books Can you remember your world before you had read your first one I can I snatched the Nine Princes in Amber from my Father s shelf and read it during one afternoon Then I returned to him

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    I was still new to fantasy, having been a hardcore horror and sci fi fan, then going through all of Zelazny s other works, when I decided to sit down to these stories.Seriously, I was impressed with the easy progression into a multi universe view delineated between ultimate order and ultimate chaos Gorgeous magic system where you follow mandalas, e

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Magic Undercover The Amber Series by Roger Zelazny Original Review, 1980 1 The Amber series has had a great impact on the field they say.I have serious doubts about whether that is true I will leave someone else to develop those arguments However, in any case Farmer s WORLD OF TIERS series

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    This is all 10 books of the Amber series, but is not complete It is nice to have them all in one place, but the book is a paperback a bit delicate due to the size Unless you re extremely careful, you ll only get a few reads out of this it s a doorstop to put most others to shame I prefer the smaller paperbacks for normal reading The biggest lack in t

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