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Come Tumbling Down The Fifth Installment In Seanan McGuire S Award Winning, Bestselling Wayward Children Series, Come Tumbling Down Picks Up The Threads Left Dangling By Every Heart A Doorway And Down Among The Sticks And BonesWhen Jack Left Eleanor West S School For Wayward Children She Was Carrying The Body Of Her Deliciously Deranged Sister Whom She Had Recently Murdered In A Fit Of Righteous Justice Back To Their Home On The MoorsBut Death In Their Adopted World Isn T Always As Permanent As It Is Here, And When Jack Is Herself Carried Back Into The School, It Becomes Clear That Something Has Happened To Her Something Terrible Something Of Which Only The Maddest Of Scientists Could Conceive Something Only Her Friends Are Equipped To Help Her OvercomeEleanor West S No Quests Rule Is About To Be BrokenAgain

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    3.5 Let s state the obvious The fourth book was the best one and nothing will ever compareNow I ve been having mixed feelings about this series I enjoy the ideas, the writing, how diverse the characters are but I always feel like something

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    ARC provided by Tor in exchange for an honest review.1 Every Heart a Doorway 2 Down Among the Sticks and Bones 3 Beneath the Sugar Sky 4 In an Absent Dream Youtube Instagram Twitter Blog Spotify TwitchTrigger and Content Warnings death, murder, bloo

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    Can this series never end Please and thank you.

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    Oh, lookie, we re back at the Moors Maybe I m biased because of the whole vampire business, but the Moors have been my favorite of all the portal worlds in this series Not that I d live there Oh no, I m perfectly happy observing them from the safety of my couch.Well, to

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    3.7 5 Stars New things are the best kind of magic there is This was a nice addition to the Wayward Children universe But it felt somewhat repetitive to me Like we have seen some of these things before Let me explain.These are 200 page books,like novellas They explore very unique

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    This is probably my favorite addition to the series since Down Among the Sticks and Bones and my heart is SO FULL I love these characters so much and it was especially gratifying to spendtime with Jack and the gang from the first book I now DESPERATELY need Christopher s story and I really

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    The Wayward Children books have turned into such a great series and here s 5 A strong 4 stars Full review, first posted on Fantasy Literature Eleanor West s Home for Wayward Children was an island of misfit toys, a place to put the unfinished stories and the broken wanderers who could butcher a deer

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    Those of you who read my last review of In an Absent Dream know how much I admire Seanan McGuire and her Young Adult fantasy series, Wayward Children In fact, I believe I have given all but one of the previous four novellas in the series a full five stars It s not typical of me, as I tend to be a critical boo

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    1 Every Heart a Doorway 2 Down Among the Sticks and Bones 3 Beneath the Sugar Sky 4 In An Absent Dream 5 Come Tumbling Down Hope is a vicious beast It sinks in its claws and it doesn t let go.I ve come to realize that I seem to start every Wayward Children review the same way by gushing about how, no matter how much I

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