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Killed Cartoons Think You Live In A Society With A Free Press These Celebrated Cartoonists And Illustrators Found Out Otherwise Whether Blasting Bush For His Bring Em On Speech, Spanking Pedophile Priests, Questioning Capital Punishment, Debating The Disputed Election, Or Just Mocking Baseball Mascots, They Learned That Newspapers And Magazines Increasingly Play It Safe By Suppressing SatireWith Censored Cartoons, Many Unpublished, By The Likes Of Garry Trudeau, Doug Marlette, Paul Conrad, Mike Luckovich, Matt Davies, And Ted Rall All Pulitzer Prize Winners Or Finalists , As Well As Unearthed Editorial Illustrations By Norman Rockwell, Edward Sorel, Anita Kunz, Marshall Arisman, And Steve Brodner, You Will Find Yourself Surprised And Often Shocked By The Images Themselves And Outraged By The Fact That A Fearful Editor Kept You From Seeing Them Needed Now Than Ever Because Of A Neutered Press That S Lapdog Than Watchdog, Killed Cartoons Will Make You Laugh, Make You Angry, And Make You Think

About the Author: David Wallis

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Killed Cartoons book, this is one of the most wanted David Wallis author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Killed Cartoons

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    Interesting concept, but not so hot in practice It s awkwardly set upoften than not, the descriptions and explanations of the cartoons are on different pages than the cartoons themselves, which mostly led to annoyance with all the page flipping When will publishers learn I know this It s not that hard Also, I think there s a distinct possibility

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    Killed Cartoons undermines its reason for existing by not reproducing the offending depictions of Muhammed in the chapter about the Danish cartoon uproar.

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    I don t usually read a lot of political cartoons, mainly because I don t follow politics enough too depressing to allow me to understand most of them The editor and contributors to this book would say that I m what s wrong with the world today While I see their point about the importance of political cartoons, and the importance of cartoonists having the freedom

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    A brilliant collection, less important for the cartoons it reprints than the stories behind them All told, this book is a particularly damning portrait of the media in the United States and, to a lesser extent, around the world These tales of censorship paint a portrait of media controlled by corporations, government, and fear of the public Very, very sad, and very, very

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    Some of them are out there And some are just killed for a reason they lacked creativity or didn t make an efficient point The author describes well why the cartoons were killed and where from and whyWell organized

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    Killed Cartoons Casualties from the war on Free Expression is a compelling book edited by David Wallis Wallis has compiled a collection of editorial cartoons that were rejected by newspapers and magazines because they were viewed as too controversial This book challenges the reader to consider the responsibility of the press to inform without offending while it also sheds light on the fact

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    Even the most hardened cynic will probably find one or two cartoons in this anthology to grumble about, and of course the pure of heart will find muchbut on the whole I found Killed Cartoons verbose and oddly tepid.Even so, editor David Wallis does manage some impressive range Independent artists like Ted Rall, Ward Sutton, Carol Lay and Keith Knight rub shoulders with editorial page mainstays like

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    I admit that when I first grabbed this book off the library shelf my only intention was to read read the cartoons and skip over the commentary But when I couldn t resist the additional text I can t even ignore the print on shampoo bottles in the shower so I m not sure who I was kidding I was pleasantly surprised.The descriptions around the cartoons were engaging and informative and. blah, blah, I m making i

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    Wow I learned a lot about the media, particularly newspapers This collection of killed cartoons with context and commentary for each andwas pretty fascinating Freedom of the press Yeah right Cartoonists have been forced to silence their opinions about Bush, the Catholic Church, 9 11 or any other war and Reagan, and newspaper s fear offending any of their readers is pretty upsetting I guess I should ve known.but I re

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    I am still reading this book and I cant really tell you a lot about it yet but I would say it very weird at some points in the book like the first part was very dumb and very sexually but then it got way better when I got into it There is really no charters in this book its just history and and talks about you just have to read it to get a better understanding of it otherwise it a ok book to read and it has a lot of history

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