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A Good Neighborhood Reading A Good Neighborhood Therese Anne Fowler Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Therese Anne Fowler Has Taken The Ingredients Of Racism, Justice, And Conservative Religion And Has Concocted A Feast Of A Read Compelling, Heartbreaking, And Inevitable I Finished A Good Neighborhood In A Single Sitting Yes, It S That Good Jodi Picoult, 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of Small Great Things And A Spark Of LightA Provocative Contemporary Novel That Examines The American Dream Through The Lens Of Two Families Living Side By Side In An Idyllic Neighborhood, And The One Summer That Changes Their Lives Irrevocably, From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Z And A Well Behaved Woman. Five start plus five stars and five stars after that You all should be envious that I received an ARC from Goodreads and St Martin s Press and I got to read this book already Everybody needs to read this book Everybody Words can t describe it Just read it. I am familiar with Fowler s historical fiction, but this is her first contemporary novel for me I won an advance copy from goodreads a year in advance Expected publication is Feb 2020 Can t wait to see the cover page added shows one, so why not GR For Valerie and her son Xavier, it seemed like a good neighborhood for them, a widowed black woman and her bi racial teenager Until, that is, Brad Julia Whit and their 2 daughters moved in behind them, clear cutting the lot and building the biggest mansion in the area with a swimming pool Valerie was concerned about damage to the root system of a huge old tree in her yard, and concerned in general about the environmental damage people like Brad cause with little consequence for their actions Brad has a rags to riches story, but it s gone to his head and he seems to think he When the Whitman family moves into the quiet Oak Knoll neighborhood, they have finally achieved ultimate success home, family, and happiness But their arrival has caused the unraveling of a chain of events, and there is no stopping what is on its way Narrated by a Greek chorus of neighbors, who see all and know all, they are nonetheless drawn into the vortex that the Whitmans create, and the scene is set for an explosion Fowler writes a timely story about race, wealth inequality, young love, the failure of the disaster we call a justice system, and the realities of a choice that somehow blows everything to shards The tension ratchet When a new neighbor moved into a grand home in a modest neighborhood, Valeria Alston Holt, their nearest neighbor and the Whitman s share an old Oak tree between their yardsValerie saw her beloved oak tree loosing leaves and looking tired She wanted to sue the Whitman s and their builder for disturbing her tree with

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