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The Night Country The Highly Anticipated Sequel To Melissa Albert S Beloved, New York Times Bestselling Debut The Hazel Wood In The Night Country, Alice Proserpine Dives Back Into A Menacing, Mesmerizing World Of Dark Fairy Tales And Hidden Doors Follow Her And Ellery Finch As They Learn The Hazel Wood Was Just The Beginning, And That Worlds Die Not With A Whimper, But A BangWith Finch S Help, Alice Escaped The Hinterland And Her Reclusive Grandmother S Dark Legacy Now She And The Rest Of The Dregs Of The Fairy Tale World Have Washed Up In New York City, Where Alice Is Trying To Make A New, Unmagical Life But Something Is Stalking The Hinterland S Survivors And She Suspects Their Deaths May Have A Darker Purpose Meanwhile, In The Winking Out World Of The Hinterland, Finch Seeks His Own Adventure, And If He Can Find It A Way Back Home

About the Author: Melissa Albert

I write books slowly, and read books fast.I try to reply to all messages and questions, so please reach out, or come find me on Twitter mimi_albert or Instagram melissaalbertauthor But please note I don t accept GR friend requests any because ofs related review policy.

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    A new BookTube Video is Up all about whether you should buy, borrow or burn 2020 YA books Let me know what you think 4.5 stars Another Booktube video this time all about the Top 10 Books of 2020 so far Now that you know this fabulous book made the list, check out the video to see the restYou were a monster in the Hinterland Why are you pretending to be a mouseThree times Alice struck terror into the hearts of those in he

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    No need to talk about the elephant in the room It is so obvious that I didn t enjoy the first book and I didn t foresee my request would be accepted but one morning I checked my library and here we go I got this sequel and I firstly admit, WHAT AN ARTISTIC, AMAZING COVER reflects book s darkness approach to the fairytales.And you know what I surprisingly enjoyed this oneI still went back and forth between 3 and 4 stars but 3.5

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    I m definitely going to read this a lot of times.Edited to add You can read the book s first chapter here I m definitely going to read this a lot of times.Edited to add You can read the book s first chapter here

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    I am my own worst enemy.Here s the thing I have this huge rereading fixation I ve gotten it under control a bit this year, but before that, like one in three books I read was a reread I would read books for the second time mere months after the first There are MULTIPLE books on my shelves I ve read over three times.It s an issue.And yet Every Single Time a sequel to a book I enjoyed comes out, do I read the first book NEVER I never do.I just

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    To be honest, I don t know if I ve even got a soul If a soul is what makes you human, then I probably don t Unless a soul is something you can grow, like, after the fact And I don t think it is So No soul Just to explain why your pickup line s not working on me Tehehehehe I love being back in this world If you thought The Hazel Wood was dark, just wait until you jump into The Night Country This sequel kept all the things I loved about the first boo

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    Many thanks to Flatiron Books for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest reviewThere d been four deaths now.One was a warning, Two a coincidence, And three completely the fairy tale set But four.Four was a door.An invitation to somethingOkay.SoI am, to put it simply, disappointed But unfortunately, my thoughts and emotions are never simple so let me explain why I am disappointed.I read The Hazel Wood around one and a half years ago and I absolutely

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    This may be the last time I give the first novel in a series 2 stars and still continue with the series Because The Night Country is proof to me that a series you don t like typically does not get better the further you get into it the SJM books also proved this to me, too.Similarly to the first book in the series, I found this one too boring and predictable I think it s mainly due to feeling like such a young novel series And it s such a disappointment, too, because t

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    Let me start out by saying only read this book if The Hazel Wood is fresh in your mind.It has just been so long and so many books between the first book and the second, that I struggled to remember stuff from The Hazel Wood Really struggled I tried reading reviews and searching for spoilers, but it just wasn t clicking.That being said, it was still a good story with great characters and a fantastic imagined world I honestly don t know how to rate this I m going to go with 3.5

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    Update 3 22 20 This is currently on Book Outlet for under 7 I just ordered my copy.sooooooooI guess this means that I actually have to read The Hazel Wood nowBecause there s no way I am not jumping in on this hype FOMO is real, people

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