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CONOR (Boston Underworld Book 6) Fecking Hell I LOVED it I devoured this book in one sitting I love these BU BadAssses so damn much It was a fantastic way to end one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE series, but I m greedy and want The trope, the characters, the action It all worked for me in a big way In typically BU fashion, Conor not only wins his lasshe stole a piece of my heart Here s what I loved Each of my loves make an appearance It so much fun to get a glimpse of the characters you know and love in subsequent books in a series Reaper and Rory will forever be my loves Conor is such a sweetie He embodies everything I love about and A Zavarelli male lead Brave, tenacious, and fearless There are also subtle little surprises about his character that make him unique and totally lovable.Cute kids are my jam That s all I gotta say about that.As I stated above The action, mystery, and drama all work for me in a major way Although, this is a short one, it packs a big punch.Highly recommended Read CONOR Boston Underworld Book 6 By A Zavarelli Bogou.us When I Stumbled Into A Mafia Run Club Seeking A Job, I Was Looking For Protection Little Did I Know I D Need Protection From Him Conor O Callahan Was Exactly The Kind Of Danger I Was Trying To Avoid He Was Gorgeous As Sin With An Accent Hotter Than Hades, But That S Where The Charm Ended He Was Also Cynical, Cold, And Downright Cranky So, You Could Imagine My Surprise When He Gave Me A Proposition Marry Him Or Lose My Life Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures I Ve Learned To Do What S Necessary To Survive In This World, And That Includes Marrying A Mobster Regardless Of What He Might Say, It S Only Temporary It S Not Like I M Going To Fall For Him Because That Would Be Stupid, RightThe Boston Underworld Series Consists Of Six Full Length Standalones That Can Be Read In Any Order. CONOR is the final story in A Zavarelli s Boston Underworld series This is Conor and Ivy s story, spoken in dual POV sIvy is on the run from the Loco gang, trying to keep her head above water, barely surviving, living on the streets, sleeping behind dumpsters, eating near to nothing.Stumbling into Crows territory she begs him for a job as one of his dancers, she s a dead man walking, her time is coming near, Crow entrusts her to Conor with the intent that he get any information out of her that he can, he knows she is witness to something she should ve seenWhen you re between a rock and a hard place, it s always wise to choose the lesser of two evils In my case that s the Irish fucking mob The last thing Conor wants to do is babysit, but this is a big deal for him, add to the equation that s he s the youngest within the crew it s time to step up His whole life revolves around his mafia brothers He lives amongst violence and chaos, relationships have never been a top priority for him.What he didn t factor though is his immediate reaction towards her whenever she s closeCrow asked this one thing of me The only thing he s ever asked of me to do in confidence It s my chance to prove myself, show my loyalty And if I don t do it I m fucked If it Title ConorSeries Boston Underworld 6 Author A ZavarelliPublication December 26, 2018 Ivy Conor Story Happy Reading She climbed out of the dark hole after being held hostage by psychopath He might be one of youngest of the Irish syndicate rookie, we have read so far in this series but don t let that fool you, he being trained to be Reaper s apprentice I am not sure if it s good or bad that she is trying hide out in Irish mafia strip club, thinking that s the last place the Locos will find her it might be the last place the Locos might look, but that don t mean she ll be safe with him, or is sheit His boss likes to test him every so often.., The last thing he wants is to be is freakin babysitter for possible junkie after all the years he been in crew all he been through I just L ve it when author bring back past characters, it g It s okay, love I ve got you Conor is the sixth book in the Boston Underworld Series A Mafia Romance Series that evokes passion, action, and romance with every single turn of the page Conor O Callahan has been trying hard is whole life to prove his worth to his Irish brothers When he is given the assignment to keep an eye on Ivy, he thinks he is finally getting the chance of a lifetime In actuality, he is about to meet the love of his life and she is going to turn his entire world upside down I love you baby girl Told in multiple POV, Conor is another Boston Underworld Masterpiece with non stop action, alpha male heroes, and smoking hot passion Ivy has quite a bi 3.5 STARS I really liked this After the last two books of the series I wasn t sure how I would feel about this one But I really enjoyed it I connected with both of the characters and enjoyed that there wasn t too much of Ivy and Conor dancing around each other Because at the end of the day, I don t want to read about characters playing games with each other and have to wait another 100 pages until the inevitable happens I liked Ivy s character, and I especially liked the focus the author made about her being a mother willing to do anything for her child I liked Conor, but if anything it would have been nice to get to know about his character other than his entrance into the mob One thing I liked about this book was that there wasn t just one villain or one plot It s nice to have the authors shake things up a bit I thought the romance between the couple was good and believable But, it would have been nice to have a little moments of connection in this couples book where sex or archer weren t present Also, there needed to be depth in the characters because Ivy is than just a mom and Conor is than just a guy in the Irish mob The reason this is still a 4 star review I really enjoyed it, It didn t have constant angst, I liked the characters, and I connected ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Another Boston Underworld bookI can t really get enough of the Irish mobsta hunks, now can I smirks Going inAwww, damn, this was on a sweet ish side of things LOL but I still liked it Conor s story starts at his young age when he s found on an Boston Underworld s territory preying on his little brother s killer seeling for revenge Crow, Ronan, Rory made him a deal in exchange for his acting revenge But that deal ended up in re enforcing Conor into their ranks, making him a valuable asset for the Irish mob.Conor is efficient and is prone to act in the violent, mutilating torment of his enemies without a blink of an eye, he s that hardened and empty BUT when he spots a slim blonde shadow of a small woman Ivy sitting in their club asking for a dancer s job, he s instantaniously intrigued and whiplashed with the unknown emotion which he s fighting off BUT when he s tasked to prepare her for the job and take care of her later, since she s been recognized as being a part of the gang Locos, Conor is deterimined to find out all the information that she might know and give about the said gang.But what he finds out changes the prospects and the perception he had of herhe changes his mind and decides to act on impulse and gut by providing protection for her And the only way to s Conner By A Zavarelli. GENRE Mafia RomanceNARRATION Dual POV BOOK DETAILS Novella in the Boston Underworld Series AUDIO AVAILABLE Not yet PUBLICATION RELEASE DATE December 28th 2018 THE STORYConor O Callaghan is the youngest rookie of the Irish mafia, he is a bit of a loner but doesn t mind so much as he dedicates his time to his brothers in the mob Ivy is on the run from the Lenox Hill Gang Locos salvo She witnessed something she should not have and is now a threat to the Irish but seeks safety at Slaint e strip club hoping they will spare her life When you re between a rock and a hard place, it s always wise to choose the lesser of two evils In my case that s the Irish fucking mob. Crow the Mafia leader orders Connor to keep an eye on Ivy to find out what she knows and deal with her if necessaryCrow asked this one thing of me The only thing he s ever asked of me to do in confidence It s my chance to prove myself, show my loyalty And if I don t do it I m fucked If it isn t me that kills her, somebody else will When Connor finds out Ivy s heartbreaking back story he 3.5 STARSIf we re going to do this, we re not going to phone it inIt was great catching up with the Boston Underworld guys And Ms Zavarelli s writing was as readable as ever there just wasn t enough of it I felt the story arc and the characters problems were too involved to be resolved within a novella With the shorter word count, everyth

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