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Wild & wacky totally true Bible stories, Volume 1 BOOKS Wild Wacky Totally True Bible Stories, Volume 1 By Frank E Peretti Artimagazin.com The Voice Of Frank Peretti As Mr Henry Brings The Bible To Life In This Wild Wacky Totally True Bible Stories 6 Cassette And 4 CD Audio Series Each Collection Contains Over 30 Stories And Songs With Stories Ranging In Length From 8 To 13 Minutes Each With His Own Wacky Style, Mr Henry Entertains And Endears Children With His Many Colorful Voices And Songs In Titles Covering Topics Like Obedience, Faith, Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, And Many Young Listeners Will Be All Ears As They Relive Each Story And Relate To The Bible Characters Like They Never Have Before.Each Wild Wacky Collection Features The Entire Content From Six Full Cassettes And CDs, Now Packaged In Easy To Store Packaging And With Excellent Price Savings Of 5 On The Cassette Collection And 10 On The CD Collection.Includes Stories About TrustFaithObedienceForgivenessCourageJealousy

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