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Stardust Let s talk about confidence.Confidence is hard for big people, let alone little people, to maintain, let alone figure out if they even have it in the first place The world is an intimidating space and circumstance conspires to place people in intimidating positions Whether that s your first day at school, a birthday party where you don t know anybody, or simply walking past some bigger and scarier children at the park, life as a child is hard And it s easy to want to make this easier, it s easy to want to wrap up a child and say look, stop, this is not your life Not yet You don t have to feel like this, because I am not going to let that happen I won t let you feel that way, not yet, not ever Let s talk about realism.It s going to happen At some point, your child or the children you look after or see in the bus, will feel intimidated by life and there s nothing you can do to stop that Life is life is life One of the biggest things that children s book do is help in such circumstances And when these books are shared in loving situations, savoured slowly and closely, that s when you help your child deal with those moments that you d maybe Contrived stupid sibling jealousy with contrived tone deaf parents Boo hoo Ridiculous big bang explanation from grandpa, the sniff only one who sniff cares Should have called this Snowflake instead Shall A little girl wants to be a star, just like the beautiful sparkly ones in the sky But somehow she never quite manages to live up to her older sister s exploits Eventually her grandfather explains to her that just as the earth and all it s living creatures are made of stardust, so is she He reminds her that while she doesn t shine in the same way as her sister, she does shine in her own way With this reminder, the girl keeps dreaming about life s possibilities My favorite par A warm story that illustrates the damage that can be done by comparing yourself to those that appear to be shining brightly than you are Sometimes comfort from someone that you love is enough to ground these worries and gain an understanding that different people shine in different ways In this tale, such perspective is brought about by drawing parallels between the beauty seen throughout the world and up in space Such a lovely way of building an understanding that being different does noes not hav I love children s books I buy them for the art, mostly..and if I want a quick read Loved the art here..and the moral of the story My future children will love it 3 year old son chose this lovely book at the library today and he chose very wisely Beautiful illustrations and ideal to support younger siblings in shadow of their older brothers and sisters. I really loved The Stuff of Stars, which won the Coretta Scott King award a few weeks ago When I read this book, I was disappointed to discover that it s basically delivering the same message as The Stuff of Stars, but not in a unique or appealing way As I mentioned in my review of The Whole Wide World and Me, it seems like picture books don t tell stories any Rather, they spout messages that sound insightful and important than they actually are I liked the artwork fine, but Stardust by Jeanne Willis and Illustrated by Briony May Smith PICTURE BOOK Nosy Crow Candlewick , 2019 17 9781536202656BUYING ADVISORY EL K 3 OPTIONALAUDIENCE APPEAL AVERAGEThis story features a little girl who is envious of the attention that her sister always seems to get One evening her granddad comes out and explains how the stars were born, creating planets, habitats, and even sisters He explains that the two girls are both stardust but shine in different ways.I really want to like this book, especially because the illustrations are quiet nice, but it just has some holes for me The explanation of the big bang creating everything doesn t get nicely tied into the concept of we are all made of stardust Additionally, I don t see how the revelation led to the girl feeling better about herself How does she shine differently Does her family appreciate it I know the whole we are all m Epub Stardust Author Jeanne Willis One Little Girl Dreams Of Being A Star But Whether It S Finding Mum S Lost Wedding Ring Or Winning The Fancy Dress Prize, Her Big Sister Always Shines Brighter Yet For Her Grandad She Is A Star And, As He Dries Her Eyes And They Both Gaze Up At The Night Sky, He Tells A Story, The Story Of The Beginning Of The World Everything And Everyone Is Made Of Stardust, And We All Shine In Different Ways It S A Lesson This Little Girl Will Never Forget And One Day Her Dream Comes True, And She Finally Realises Her Ambition To Become An Astronaut And Fly Up To The Stars. MY THOUGHTS I received this book in exchange for my honest review.This is a picture book approximately 9.5 x 11 The artwork is just gorgeous, with illustrations filling the pages The author writes about sisters, one who excels and one who struggles to excel There is a moral to the story that everyone is special and shines in their own way.I suppose for siblings who fight, this book would show that each is unique and special in their own way and that they shouldn t compete with each other and for that thought, I give the author kudos However, where the illustrations are fantastic, the actual story is just too sweet and simple Sibling relationships can be a bit complicated than this and perhaps the book would have benefited from a stronger message.However, for a younger set of siblings, I can see this book being very effective I love the fact that it s the grandfather who sets things right and not the parents since most parents would be expected to

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Jeanne Willis was born in St Albans and trained as an advertising copywriter at Watford College She worked for various agencies creating press adverts and TV, cinema and radio commercials She is now a full time writer and has published over 80 books Her hobbies include gardening, reading non fiction , natural history and collecting caterpillars Jeanne has also worked on scripts for TV, includ

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