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Zero Degree Reading Zero Degree Author Charu Nivedita Fiction South Asia Studies Translated From The Tamil By Pritham K Chakravarthy And Rakesh Khanna With Its Mad Patchwork Of Phone Sex Conversations, Nightmarish Torture Scenes, Tender Love Poems, Numerology, Mythology, And Compulsive Name Dropping Of Latin American Intellectuals, Charu Nivedita S Novel ZERO DEGREE Stands Out As A Groundbreaking Work Of Tamil Transgressive Fiction That Unflinchingly Probes The Deepest Psychic Wounds Of Humanity Hide It In The Deep Recesses Of Your Clothes Cupboard Or In The General Chaos Of Your Office Desk, If You Must, But Read It Asha S Menon, New Sunday Express.

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    This book is said to be the face of Avant Gardliterature in Tamil In the preface to the Malayalam translation, the famous writer Zacharia heaps praise on the novel He says Malayalam writers are all stuck in the Romantic rut while Tamil literature has forged

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    I neither liked this book nor disliked this book my head was swirling like anything when i m done with thing this is my first non linear lipogrammatic novel why did i read this novel The legendary writer Sujatha called it a piece of shit Tehelka called it Style with s

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    I first came across Charu Nivedita at the Jaipur Literature Festival He cracked me up, so I picked up his book.The book, is, quite simply, chaotic.Chaotic not in the usual demeaning sense Chaotic in the way the world is chaotic Chaotic in a beautiful way.You ll struggle at some

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    This would be one book I wanted to read for really a long time There were warnings against it Still whenever I check out any tamil books, I never failed to check its price or read its prologue And finally it reached me in its due time.A minute into the book, I understood that it isn t fo

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    A lipogrammatic novel In tamil written in the 80s Whoa Unbelievable right One of the most unique and disturbing books you ll ever read There may b no other book as unique as this in any other language.It s a transgressive novel and its transgression at its peak Zero degrees is way ahead of its tim

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    Total crap Charu talks about everything in this book Every page the topic jumps between cruelty, sex, sadism, child abuse, machoism, communism, gays, physical torture of captivities sometime he even talks about big bang and infinity with the current state of the world I felt like reading bunch of news paper

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    I dont know what to write a review about this book because I dont know what author is trying to say.I gave 4 stars because I have come to know a new genre called Transgressive fiction but still I dont understand the theme behind this F ng zero degree its like ...

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    The most craziest novel I have read till date Felt irritated, shocked, surprised, disgusted, sympathetic and bored This is no easy novel and definitely not for those who can get offended by strong content of violence and sex Never thought a novel could ...

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    This is a piece of shit.

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    Weird and beautiful.

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