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Future Card Buddyfight (FCBF: Dark Game Chronicles #1) In The Underbelly Of Society, Dark Games Are Used To Settle Disputes Between Opposing Organizations Of The Underworld Tohru Kageura, A Strange Boy Who Possesses A Special Ability To See The Death Deity, Is Forced To Participate In A Dark Game Of Buddyfight To Pay Off His Late Father S Debt However, The Consequences Of Losing A Dark Game Are A Lot Deadly Than A Normal Card Fight One That Could Cost The Player His Life Comes With Free Exclusive Buddyfight Card Daredevil Twister

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    Before I begin, the manga was created by Masanori Yoshida, not Mitsuhisa Tamura With that said, you know how giving a light hearted series a dark spin off never goes well This is one of the times that it is done quite well Though card games play a key part in the manga, it doesn t feel like an emo protagonist living throughout each bright, posi

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