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Her Bastard Bridegroom (Vawdrey Brothers, #1) Epub Her Bastard Bridegroom Vawdrey Brothers, 1 Author Alice Coldbreath Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Lady Linnet Cadwallader Has Been Raised A Helpless Invalid In Her Own Castle Brought Up To Believe She Will Never Make Old Bones She Lives A Quiet And Lonely Existence, Hiding Away Her Excessive Freckles And Red Hair From A World That Believes Her To Be Hideously Misshapen And Ugly Until One Day Her Uncle Arranges A Marriage Of Convenience For Her, A Marriage In Name Only With A Young Puppet Groom But Sir Roland Does Not Show Up In His Place Turns Up His Bastard Born Brother Mason Vawdrey And Dark, Forceful Mason Is No One S Puppet Things Are About To Get Interesting At Cadwallader Castle And Linnet Is About To Discover That Maybe A Golden Leopardess Does Not Need To Change Her Glorious Spots This Is A Full Length Novel Of Over 80,000 Words Please Do Not Purchase If You Are Offended By Strong Language And Or Sex Scenes. Re readI loved it the second time around and bumping it up to 5 stars.There were a few editing mistakes but the book was just so awesome I loved the H h This took me back to my historical romance days It was a great reminder as to why I love them so much and makes me want to dive into I really loved this book.This book started on shaky ground for me I struggle when the heroine is talked about due to body issues or lack of beauty I just hate when that is a focus, because to me that has nothing to do with romance I m telling you right now to hang in there What started with me being outraged for Linnet, ended up me swooning over what happens as the story progresses I ve never read a better book that completely turned an issue like this around without the heroine going through some major transformation What you get here is a man who falls in love with a woman without realizing it and finds her utterly beautiful by the end of the book Mason is actually one There are not enough stars to rate this book I ve seen it recommended over and over, I ve purchased it and stored it on my Kindle, but I never took the time to read it I am kicking myself for my stupidity now This was absolutely the most perfect book in this genre, ever I love a growly, obstinate hero and Mason was certainly that and much He is rude and boorish, demanding and determined to get his way in all things that pertained to his wife I adored watching him struggle with his feelings as they slowly emerged He was totally possessive and incredibly jealous, even when it came to a fictional character I can t give words to how perfect his actions and reactions were for me as a reader who enjoys this type of hero Linnet s character begins as a weak and frail heroine who grows into her own woman Not directly because of the hero which I appreciated, but because it is the woman she was always meant to be She just needed the opportunity to find that out for herself I laughed at some of the na ve things she believed and the way Mason used those times for his own desires Her internal strength becomes evident before the great conflict and is then released in all its splendor when she needed it the most This doesn t read as an insta love story making the progression of Linnet s and Mason 5 Jealous Possessive Hero Yumminess Stars

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