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The Chaos of Luck Second in the Felicia Sevigny series of sexy, romance space opera, this one set on a terra formed Mars. The first book I read and I related to Felicia as if I were her, this book I related as if I were her mother I actually threw the book onto the table in front of me and yelled at one of her many silly actions This girl was a mess.she s not as level headed as I remembered and of course, the potential chea This was as great as book 1 and am so looking forward to reading bk 3. All along, I ve been saying that the thing I liked about The Rule of Luck, book 1 in the Felicia Sevigny series, is the hero Alexi Crime boss, lover, mover, shaker, entrepreneur, killer, visionary What is he Is he good Is he bad After reading The Chaos of Luck, I still hold Alexi responsible for the success of this series Sure, the first person saga is written from Felicia s perspective, but the book comes alive when Alexi is in the scene Alexi is totally alpha, strong, virile and annoyingly controlling and manipulative Every time Felicia stands up to Alexi I cheer But every time Alexi gets all tender around Felicia I melt a little But let s face it Alexi is not a good person But he totally makes this story come alive The Chaos of Luck is Felicia s story though The Tarot card reader comes off a bit flaky in this story, but with reason I ll explain One minute she is pledging her eternal love to Alexi, and the next minute she goes off and does something behind his back There are all sorts of other non Alexi influences in her life, including a former lover and a long lost relative They add interest to the story and they add to my frustr No epilogueI didn t like this one as much as the first and no epilogue Loose a point for just that Will still check out book three. I wrote it so naturally I think it s amazing. Read The Chaos Of Luck Author Catherine Cerveny Felicia Sevigny Makes Her Own Luck So It S No Surprise That Her New Life On The Red Planet Is Off To A Good Start She S Making A Living Reading The Fortunes Of The Fabulously Wealthy, And Making A Home With Alexei, The Dangerous, Handsome Love Of Her Life.Then Alexei Is Called Off Planet Unexpectedly, Mines In The Astroid Belt Start Collapsing, And An Ex Lover Walks Back Into Felicia S Life Felicia S Readings Predict That There Is Something Bigger Going On Something Darker And Far Insidious That Threatens Everything She Has Come To Love.And As Luck Would Have It, The Cards Are Right For Things To Go Horribly Wrong. I won this book in a good reads giveaway I am usually careful to only enter for books that are first in a series I made a mistake and entered for this book It is a second in a series I figured I would start reading it and if I needed to, I could buy the first book I had no problem reading this book without reading the first book The first few pages exsplained basically what happened in the first book I was rather enjoying the book I was very happy with how good the author had been doing so well with exsplaining the tarot and getting the meanings correctly Tarot is has a lot of metaphoric moving parts It has different meanings if the cards are upright or upside down There are differant means depending on what cards are close to each other Also meanings can be differant depending on what position the card is in the spread you are using I was very happy that the author obviously did her homework I wasn t happy when the main character interpreted the death card as a physical warning of death Now Read this Th death card DOES NOT predict death It represents change or the refusal to change Now there is a main arcana card that can represent the possibility of physical death but it ISN T the death card Sorry for my rant The section that mentioned the death card as a literal death messed up my enjoyment of the book when I read that pa I picked up this book in the Nook store on my tablet because I had to know what happens next My personal review of the book is as follows There will be spoilers for book in this review so read at your own risk if you aren t up or finished reading the book yet.The romance between Alex and Felicia is hotter than ever, for the most part I love them together however I started to get a little bit annoyed with Felicia for at so many points talking about how much she loves how much Alex is protective of her then she gets mad at him after he does it In my personal opinion she knows how who he is she can t have it both ways I.E In my personal opinion enjoying the bad boy and the perks that go with it, while still wanting him to be the normal boyfriend.At the point where Felicia old flame shows up and is pretty much the perfect guy I personally felt annoyed because in real life in my personal experience a person is lucky to find one person who they mesh really well with relationship wise, let alone just so happen to have the one that got away conveniently show up, I understand that this is plotline and I understand how why it works within th I really enjoyed this novel, the sequel to The Rule of Luck A Science Fiction Romance This is a sequel through and through mostly the same characters, continuing the existing story line, and heavily dependent on the world building of the first novel So definitely read the first book before you open this one.As with the first book, this is a cross genre piece part romance, part sci fi, part action adventure The latter two parts are strongest The romance is a bit too formulaic and predictable for my taste Although even that is rescued somewhat when the action adventure parts of the story make you realize things aren t always exactly as they appear The middle of the book was a little slow, but then things picked up considerably and the ending felt a little too fast so much happening all at once There was a bit

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Catherine Cerveny was born in Peterborough, Ontario She d always planned to move away to the big city but the small town life got its hooks in her and that s where she still resides today Catherine is a huge fan of romance and science fiction and wishes the two genres would cross paths often The Rule of Luck is her first novel.