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The Life Project Reading The Life Project Author Helen Pearson Bandcamptomp3.co.uk On March 3, 1946, A Survey Began That Is, Today, The Longest Running Study Of Human Development In The World, Growing To Encompass Six Generations Of Children, 150,000 People, And Some Of The Best Studied People On The Planet The Simple Act Of Observing Human Life Has Changed The Way We Are Born, Schooled, Parent And Die, Irrevocably Altering Our Understanding Of Inequality And Health This Is The Tale Of These Studies, The Scientists Who Created Them, Sustained Them, And Perhaps Most Importantly, The Remarkable Discoveries That Have Come From Them The Envy Of Scientists Around The World, The Life Project Is One Of Britain S Best Kept Secrets.

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    This is a book about long term studies of people born into pre defined parameters and followed through their lives, and touches on how those studies have helped and informed the medical professions as well testing social science theories That all sounds a little dry, but fortunately this book is anything and although I m not entirely sure who the target audience is, I found it fascinating.The book starts by looking at maternity car

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    The Economist s review of this book made it sound amazing I was expecting stories about the 5 cohort studies that have been going on in the UK, the first one starting in 1946 I was anticipating answers to some of the pressing questions raised in the review why is poverty still so detrimental why and perhapsimportantly how do some people triumph over terrible childhoods, while others completely fail to launch And some of the answers

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    It is undoubtedly my failing that I didn t realise on buying The Life Project that it really is the story of the birth cohort studies the instigators, the funding struggles etc much less the analysis of the studies findings It is the latter which interests me , where the findings were stated, the book was hugely interesting However, I have some issues with The Life Project First, no references were given in the main body of the text

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    This book is quite statistical but very interestingworth a read

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    Amazing book So fascinating to see how certain things predetermine a person s life trajectory I wish America had had the foresight to do something so in depth A Life Project indeed.

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    I really enjoyed this book, which surprised me because it s not my usual cup of tea I found myself quoting from it and thinking about it at odd times Very glad I found it.

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    An interesting book about longitudinal cohort studies in the UK In 1946 some British scientists came up with the then revolutionary idea to study and follow a cohort of children born in a particular part of that year That study yielded so much useful information about perinatal mortality and health, that additional cohort studies followed, at about 10 year intervals Much of what is currently accepted wisdom came from these studies the kn

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    Really interesting book about the politics and people involved in the creation of a series of life cohort programmes, and the changes in medicine and social sciences that studies of their subjects provoked The compromise and chance of what ended up being a world leading programme is astonishing, the people involved seem admirable and the outcomes of the studies are fascinating I ve read criticism of this book, saying that it s too much ab

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    This interesting book tells the history of 5 separate cohort studies carried on in the UK which have provided a treasure trove of data for both medical and social science researchers The first cohort, children born on a particular week in 1946, have been followed throughout their lives, periodically filling out questionnaires, being interviewed, and undergoing medical examinations Roughly every 12 years a new cohort study was initiated, un

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    My company recently started running some cohort analyses or have been trying to run In theory, we would pick a day or a week of new users who come to our app this would be a cohort As days go by some users wouldengaged hence increased the retention then we can monetize them some users would be churned out lost users, not a good sign if the number of churned users is higher than retained users no growth The task here is why some users would

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