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Weakest Lynx (Lynx #1) 20 Year Old Lexi Sobado Is A Woman With A Psychic Gift Caught In The Middle Of A Sinister Web Of Crime And Corruption The Victim Of A Stalker, Lexi Finds Herself Romantically Entangled With The Special Agent Charged With Protecting Her Thing Is, Lexi Herself Has Worked For The Intelligence Community In The Past What She Hides, What She Reveals And What She Keeps Trying To Uncover Become The Juggling Act Our Heroine Deals With As She Tries To Save Her Own Life And Stop The Killer.

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    Weakest Lynx Lynx 1 by Fiona Quinn is a book I found I really enjoyed I like the fact that the agent protecting her doesn t know she isthan capable of protecting herself Sure there is

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    The brightness of a hero shines it s greatest when it is confronted with the deepest darkness This book is filled with heroes that you want to applaud for, and villains who will inhabit your wor

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    This book is beyond amazing I would compare it to the best of Kay Hooper or a David Baldacci with a paranormal flair Then you have Lexi as a heroine with smarts and who kicks tail as well I started this b

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    It s official, I m a Quinn Fangirl This book has been on my reading list for a while, but I had to get through publishing my latest in my series and I had a couple of books ahead of this I finally got to it just th

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    I almost quit this book before I even read it, and instead I ended up gut wrenched and crying Lets just start with the beginning, Lexi is a seriously educated and gifted person Not only has she been trained for Intelligence

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    Cat and Mouse What a wonderful thriller of a twisted cat and mouse game Right away I was intrigued from the very first page Quinn weaves an amazing story and makes you fall in love with every character The build up wasn t too slow or

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    In Weakest Lynx, author Fiona Quinn introduces us to a unique protagonist with an unusual skill set Lexi Sobado is young, smart, tough, caring, and funny Among other things, she is also an accomplished martial arts fighter, an expert marksman,

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    In Fionna Quinn s debut novel she has done what many authors only dream of one day doing created a protagonist wholly unique, surprising, and believable Lexi is someone you wish you knew from her background and fascinating education to ...

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    Lexi Sobado is the perfect heroine Though young, barely out of her teens, she s tough and soft, compassionate and fierce She can save a kitty and take down a killer on the same day in the same hour, actually She s psychic too Fiona Quinn has a winner with The Miss

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    Lexi can do everything, 20 years old and she s mastered everything Give me a break Just not my kind of main character.

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