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The Great Zoo of China Now, I Know What You Are Thinking, Hu Tang Paused You Are Thinking That There Are Hundreds Of Zoos, Why Does The World Need Another One Indeed, What Can China Do With A Zoo That Has Not Already Been Done Before Ladies And Gentlemanthis Is What We Can DoAt That Moment, The Speeding Bullet Train Burst Out Into Brilliant Sunshine And CJ Found Herself Staring At An Awesome SightIt Is A Secret The Chinese Government Has Been Keeping For Forty Years They Have Found A Species Of Animal No One Believed Even Existed It Will Amaze The World Now The Chinese Are Ready To Unveil Their Astonishing Discovery Within The Greatest Zoo Ever Constructed.A Small Group Of VIPs And Journalists Has Been Brought To The Zoo Deep Within China To See Its Fabulous Creatures For The First Time Among Them Is Dr Cassandra Jane CJ Cameron, A Writer For National Geographic And An Expert On Reptiles The Visitors Are Assured By Their Chinese Hosts That They Will Be Struck With Wonder At These Beasts, That They Are Perfectly Safe, And That Nothing Can Go WrongGET READY FOR ACTION ON A GIGANTIC SCALE. Cue in my super sonic love for all which is cheese Hell, yes That super cheesy goopy Saturday syfy channel cheese Top it off with a clonebutwithdragonsnotdinos lovely story about dragons wreaking havoc in a Chinese park and there ya go Is this extremely similar to JP Fuck, yes However, I m always a softie for blood, heads ge It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him J.R.R TolkienI m sorry, but this book does read like Jurassic Park fanfiction At the end of the book there is an author question session where the answer to the comparisons is answered.I was very aware that my story of a dragon zoo would inevitably draw comparisons with the dinosaur theme park of Jurassic Park So I endeavored from the outset to make The Great Zoo of China as different from Jurassic Park as I could Sorry, but that s not the case So the difference is that this book brought in journalists instead of scientists Big whooThen But the main difference between my novel and Jurassic Park would be China The theme park in Jurassic Park was an out an out capitalist venture With their Great Dragon Zoo, China is attempting to do something else entirely it is trying to usurp the US as the pre eminent country on Earth.Whatever is what I say The story is based on China preparing to unveil the greatest zoo ever They bring in a vet that has worked with crocodiles and her brother a photographer who has seen combat action , ambassador, a twitter guy, and I truly forget who else Once there they behold the dragons I d I had just picked this book up from the library and was driving home when a Police car flew through the air striking my car, and continued its journey into the car behind me where it proceeded to burst into flames In front of me was a large dragon, the size of a Greyhound bus, facing down a police officer with his service weapon drawn The officer fired, and the dragon s obsidian eyes narrowed to slits Suddenly the dragon lunged And the officer was torn in half, his weapon falling to the ground beside him as his intestines spilled across the pavement.I threw the car into reverse and slammed on the pedal, as the dragons eyes turned to me, his wings outstretched as he took a flying leapOnly to land in the spot I had just vacated I pounded on the brakes, throwing the car into gear and heading in the direction of my home The dragon roared, bounding after me his large frame bouncing off parked cars left and right His gaping maw reached for my car and a swipe of a fore claw took out my rear window Cranking the wheel, I turned sharply Too sharply for him to follow as he scrambled to stop before crashing into a telephone pole, tangling himself in the wires I breathed a sigh of relief, but suddenly before me loomed an even larger dragon I could see from the indentations on his snout that he was an apex predator, but he was giving the marines a hell of a time as their bullets ric Find all of my reviews at IF YOU CONSIDER SOMETHING THAT IS DISCLOSED ON THE FIRST FREAKING PAGE OF A BOOK TO BE A SPOILER YOU SHOULD PROBABLY JUST MOVE ON Seriously first pageHere, there be dragonsbut reviewers have been trolled for mentioning it That s pure crazy right there EDIT I just noticed the new cover has a f % g DRAGON TAIL on it Dear Trolls Your argument is invalid Alright Now that that is out of the way, let s get on with the review.WELCOME TO JURASSIC PARK Errrr, I mean THE GREAT ZOO OF CHINA A zoo of epic proportions and filled with specimens we humans thought were only able to be conjured up by our imagination or by George R R Martin After journalists like CJ Cameron and various other VIPs tell others about their tour, The Great Zoo will make Disneyland seem like a joke The Great Zoo of China received a mediocre response from most of my friends here on Goodreads Leave it to me to be the oddball What s a girl to do I don t generally read reviews of books I plan on reading especially ARCs , but I did

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