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Running with the Moon Jonny Bealby Was Devastated When His Fiancee Melanie Died Unexpectedly While They Were Travelling In Kashmir Two Years Later, Still Heartbroken And Utterly Disillusioned, He Took On The Challenge Of A Lifetime Setting Out With Only His Motorbike For Company, He Began A Daring And Dangerous Journey Around The African Continent In A Desperate Attempt To Unearth Some Meaning In His Life Bittersweet, Bold And Beautifully Told, Running With The Moon Is A Tale Of True Love And Loss, Of Exploration, Adventure And Courage

About the Author: Jonny Bealby

Rock singer, writer and travel entrepreneur, Jonny Bealby has streetwise savvy and miles of travel under his belt His experiences have given him the ideal background for setting up Wild Frontiers, the specialist award winning tour operator which takes small groups and tailor made clients to roads less travelled.

10 thoughts on “Running with the Moon

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    This book was gripping, couldn t put it down, a definite 5 stars

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    Tragic but beautiful book about someone trying to make peace with the past whilst testing themselves to the full Honestly and adventurously written Raw emotion and fantastic travelling tales.

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    My favorite motorcycling adventure book, by far Heartfelt and true, it s bits of Africa flying by you as you thunder down that dirt road If you ever wanted to ride a motorcycle, please pick this one up.

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    A travel book boy rides motorcycle around Africa, interspersed with flashbacks to the sudden death of his fiancee and their romance and no this is not a spoiler Sometimes too syrupy for words, and sometimes truly interesting, but often too little about the places he visits.

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    Probably my favourite non classic book When I finished the book I felt I had to know what happened next I didn t find the follow up quite as compelling but still worth a read.

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    Bit of a slow burn to start with but ended up really enjoying this book about a man riding round Africa Nicely written and relatable.

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    Well, a few pages in and already we ve had gems like Zaire may have been in turmoil, as, no doubt, were countless other African states, but so what As long as your trip s still on, you don t care Then his first experience of African bureaucracy Jonny, remember, this is Africa , learn patience I don t have time already for this crap, and went to read this book because it s be

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    A solid addition to my work in progress motorcycle adventure library.I must admit, I didn t see the ending coming, pleasant surprise there and a nice coda I may have skipped out the italicized relationship history sections, although I m sure others would like the book for those exact parts.Quite the feat for early 1990 s Africa, legendary even Quite enjoyed the book, compare and con

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    A guy travels through Africa by motorbike down the west coast and back up the east Amazing journey off the beaten path.

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    I enjoyed the story, not his writing so much.The endless similes got on my nerves a bit.But a heartfelt telling, and a great adventure.

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