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No Future for You PDF Epub No Future For You John Summers Wgf2011.eu There S Never Been A Better Time To Be Outside The Consensus And If You Don T Believe It, Then Peer Into These Genre Defining Essays From The Baffler, The Magazine That S Been Blunting The Cutting Edge Of American Culture And Politics For A Quarter Of A Century Here S Thomas Frank On The Upward Falling Cult Of Expertise In Washington, D.C., Where Belonging Means Getting The Major Events Of Our Era Wrong Here S Rick Perlstein On Direct Mail Scams, Multilevel Marketing, And The Roots Of Right Wing Lying Here S John Summers On The Illiberal Uses Of Innovation In Liberal Cambridge, Massachusetts And Here S David Graeber Sensing Our Disappointment In New Technology We Expected Teleportation Pods, Antigravity Sleds, And Immortality Drugs We Got LinkedIn, Which, As Ann Friedman Writes Here, Is An Escher Staircase Masquerading As A Career Ladder Packed With Hilarious, Scabrous, Up To The Minute Criticism Of The American Comedy, No Future For You Debunks Positive Thinking Bromides And Business Idols Susan Faludi Debunks Facebook Executive Sheryl Sandberg S Phony Feminist Handbook, Lean In Evgeny Morozov Wrestles Open Source And Web 2.0 And Other Pseudorevolutionary Meme Making Down To The Ground Chris Lehmann Writes The Obituary Of The Washington Post, Barbara Ehrenreich Goes Searching For The Ungood God In Ridley Scott S Film Prometheus, Heather Havrilesky Reads Fifty Shades Of Grey, And Jim Newell Investigates The Strange And Typical Case Of Adam Wheeler, The Student Fraud Who Fooled Harvard And, Unlike The Real Culprits, Went To Jail No Future For You Offers The Counternarrative You Ve Been Missing, Proof That Dissent Is Alive And Well In America Please Be Warned, However The Writing That Follows Is Polemical In Nature It May Seek To Persuade You Of Something.Copublished With The Baffler ContributorsChris Bray, Mark Dancey, Barbara Ehrenreich, Susan Faludi, Thomas Frank, Ann Friedman, James Griffioen, David Graeber, A S Hamrah, Heather Havrilesky, Chris Lehmann, Rhonda Lieberman, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Evgeny Morozov, Jim Newell, Rick Perlstein, John Summers, Maureen Tkacik You d think after 27 years critiquing the business of culture and the culture business , The Baffler might start to get repetitive, but it s precisely the nature of their subject specifically, its talent for conflating novelty with progress in the interests of driving consumption that ensures the steady supply of fresh new offerings to the market, traditional or intellectual, to expose in all their gleaming, focus grouped folly The newest batch of targets includes a fair number of perennial culture critic punching bags like Mitt Romney, Thomas Kinkade, and 50 Shades of Grey, and their respective takedowns aren t any less impressive or fun for being so obviously necessary Still, The Baffler wouldn t have earned their curmudgeonly reputation if they settled for such easy pickings, and the real stars of the compilation are the essays that implicate the less brazenly contemptible forces at work in American life Susan Faludi s Facebook Feminism, Like It Or Not is a withering take on the Lean In movement, plowing through its semantically bleached ad copy to probe its fundamentally conservative heart and damningly juxtaposing it with the historic female textile workers of Lowell, MA a group who certainly didn t settle for dialogue or individual empowerment In Dead End On Shakin Street , Thomas Frank investigates the dogged pursuit of vibrancy in towns and cities across the country The clueless inauthenticity of it would almost be farcical if sooo good omg A timely reminder that the woke technoliberalism of the Obama years wasn t any better.

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