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Never Been Kissed (Never Been, #1) Sera Delos Has A Secret She Wishes It Were Something Important Or Life Altering Like Owning A Key To A Blue Police Box That S Home To A Time Travelling Alien, Or That She Must Hide The Secret Identity Of Her Alter Ego No, Sera S Secret Is Un Extraordinary At Twenty Five, She S Never Been Kissed There Just Haven T Been Many Opportunities For The Self Proclaimed Nerd There Have Always Been Too Many Shows To Watch, Too Many Books To Read, And The Rest Of The Time Is Spent Fangirling Over Tom Hiddleston When The Hottie Next Door And His Son Need A Ride To The Hospital, And Sera Becomes The Only Available Driver, Her Life Is Changed Forever Hunter MacLaine Makes Dean Winchester Seem Like A Mediocre Badass, Even If He Is A Diabetic And Doesn T Think Much Of Himself An Old Flame, Nerdy References And The Ups And Downs Of Slowly Falling In Love With Her Next Door Neighbour, Sera S Wondering The Obvious Maybe, Just Maybe, If All The Nerd Gods Are Smiling Down On Her, Sera Delos Might Have Just Found The Man Who Her First Kiss Belongs To.

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    THREE FRAKING HELL STARSI don t kiss losers I only kiss badasses And you are a badass, Hunter MacLaineBravo to the debut author, C M Kars her nerdy, sexy, painful at times story most certainly has confused and delighted me in equal measure There was plenty to fall in love with in this novel but it also featured...

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    4.5 stars

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    5 stars to nerdy girl I.AM.SO.HAPPYAt twenty five, she s never been kissed There just haven t been many opportunities for the self acclaimed nerd There have always been too many shows to watch, too many books to read, and the rest of the time is spent fangirling over Tom HiddlestonAs soon as I read the blurb, I knew that I need to read this because THE BLURB just lite

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    5 Surprised stars.May it be the sappy cover, the not to original premise or whatever, I wasn t really anticipating to love this book.Well, I m happy to say I was dead wrong This book blew me away since the first page The main character is a honest to God Nerd and I enjoyed so much of her inner dialogues and thoughts There were so many funny references I also loved that she wasn

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    I LOVE this book I was hooked from page one and could not put it down The main character, Sera, is awesome She is a nerd who speaks in movie quotes and as the title says, she s never been kissed She struggles a lot throughout the book with her self image and has very little confidence in herself She s funny, sweet, thoughtful and kind She s also snarky, tough and stubborn I absolutely lo

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    2.5 starsI didn t enjoy this book as much as I wanted to I honestly thought I d love it since Sera and I seem speak the same language She loves reading cannot imagine how her life without Harry Potter and if she has to choose, she ll choose Batman over Superman in a heartbeat So you see, it was so easy for me to connect with her.Apparently sharing nerdiness isn t enough for me to fall in love with

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    3.5 I really enjoyed this one I really really really liked Sera But damn did that girl get on my last freaking nerve sometimes The only thing that really annoyed me was the bad editing That really needs to be fixed But I found the story to be a bit different from a lot of other books I ve read So that was a plus I really liked Hunter, even though he was an ass sometimes Matty was just too adorable Loved him

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    4 stars.Was actually contemplating if I ll give it a 4.5 thoughbut..yeah.When I read the synopsis of the book, I was likeHmmmm Interesting.When I read the beginning, I was like Am I the one who wrote this one and why do I feel like I did and I m not awareit was right on the feels Likewtf, book, why And then there s the geeky stuff and I m likeOMG, my life is finally written in the book and the heroine is totally me w

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    WE LOVED THIS BOOK This review is from our blogMusings of the Book a holic Fairies, inc.CONVO REVIEW We need a straight answer for the first question Did you or did you not like this book MidnightF I LOVED IT RockChickF DOWNRIGHT LOVED IT How much did you like it MidnightF A lot I m giving it a 4.5 Fairy Wings rating.RockChickF I love it so much that I m betting I ll re read this one for like a ga zillion times I am giving thi

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    3.5 stars For a debut novel I think the author did a pretty good job As you can guess by the title of the book, Never Been Kissed, is about a woman, Sera, who has never been kissed or touched by a man before In other words, pure as the driven snow I know what you re thinking, how is that even possible enter Hunter, her sexy neighbor with the attitude of an ass I think they were a little ...

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