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Winter (The Haunted Heart, #1) Ebook Winter The Haunted Heart, 1 Author Josh Lanyon Buyprobolan50.co.uk First In A NEW Series Still Grieving Over The Sudden Death Of His Lover, Antiques Dealer Flynn Ambrose Moves To The Ramshackle Old House On Pitch Pine Lane To Catalog And Sell The Large Inventory Of Arcane And Oddball Items That Once Filled His Late Uncle S Mysterious Museum But Not All The Items Are That Easy To Catalog Or Get Rid Of The Haunted Heart Series Four Seasons Four Ghosts Two HeartsWinter Since Alan Died, Flynn Isn T Eating, Isn T Sleeping, And Isn T Spending A Lot Of Time Looking In Mirrors But Maybe He Should Pay A Little Attention Because Something In That 18th Century Mirror Is Looking At Him.Scroll Up And Grab A Copy Today.

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    I never thought it could be possible, dare I say it, Adrien English has some serious competition for my affections I m in love again, I wasn t expecting this emotional attachment so soon, it stuck with me throughout and didn t let up Flynn and Kirk are fabulous, understated characters who are firming up as fast favourites

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    GAHHH Sometimes, I read Josh Lanyon and I just think damn, now THAT S a pro his stuff, the stuff you know he took the time to get right is just GOOD It flows It s crafted, but feels effortless And everything about it is money.I loved this book I suspect when you write as many books as Lanyon has, it s tough making everything e

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    Lanyon is not the type to punch you in the gut with her words She isthe type to trail a feather down your spine and make you shiver This is it here The hits come quietly, softly and yeah for me, so much better this way.Winter, deals with loss, separation, mourning, guilt for remaining behind, not knowing how to continue So we see F

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    Hey, Lanyon Way to go, buddy.My mind is a blank today so I don t have much to say Clearly I need about 18cups of coffee Or some cocaine, I don t know.So, I really liked it It s a similar set up to The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks but, uh, different and stuff I liked both Flynn and Kirk and I m looking forward to watching them bow chicka wow

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    Perfect title For Flynn, life is this long dark of sadness where nothing is warm or alive In this old cluttered house that seeps with the cold of a Connecticut winter he busies himself sorting the affairs of his uncle and meets two individuals who change his life Kirk is the steady soul who gets pulled into Flynn s sphere and Ines, well, she

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    What did I just read How do books this perfect exist I have no idea I can t even comprehend this SPOILERS BELOWThis book scared the shit outta me Actually I was terrified reading this from the very first chapter Keep in mind, I m a gigantic wussy, but it was legitimately scary And I love scary books They make you feel so uncomfortable in your own

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    Josh Lanyon has done it again Another wonderful read from a man who never fails to amaze me at how great he is at creating characters who from the word go slowly and subtly burrow themselves into your heart in a quiet way yet when you ve finished the story, their presence tends to stay with you for a long time Typical of his couples, the banter and in

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    Written November 15, 20143.7 Stars Another good Lanyon with interesting characters and a thrilling ghost plotBook 1 Winter The Haunted Heart series is to be four books, four seasons and four ghosts This was the first one, Winter I listened to the audiobook 6 10 hrs , well narrated by Lee Samuels More a ghost story than an M M romance I felt the end was so

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    While this starts as online series, I decided to wait until it is officially edited and published Simply because I hate reading online and I have no patience for WIPs So I don t know how edited or expanded this one compared to the Wattpad s version all I knew was that Josh Lanyon added around 10k from the original version.I assumed that this would be a 4 storie

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    Ah, how nice to spend time in Josh Lanyon s mind again A romance in the old sense of the word a story about the human heart, not about hookups turning into love along the way The first of a series I m guessing a four part series, given the title and the setting , The Haunted Heart Winter is both a satisfying work of romantic literature AND a great set up for what I

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