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The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous, #1) The Infamous Ellen James Infamous, 1 Read Author N.A Alcorn Soaringeaglecasino.us Meet Twenty Eight Year Old Ellen James A Sarcastic, Feisty, Foul Mouthed ER Nurse She Is Snarky, Sassy, And Sometimes Crudely Inappropriate After A Terrible Breakup With Her Fianc , Ellen Has Promised Herself That She Will Never Make The Mistake Of Falling For Another Man Again And Physicians, Well She S Than Written Them Off.Once She Meets Sexy Trauma Surgeon, Dr Trent Hamilton, This Promise Is Unbelievably Hard To Keep This Too Hot For Ellen S Own Good Man Is Undeniably Sexy And Down Right Irresistible He Leaves Her Breathless, Speechless, And Irritatingly Turned On He Makes Her Fantasize About Him In All Kinds Of Dirty, Inappropriate Ways.With The Help Of Her Obnoxious, And Often Times Hilarious Best Friend Amy, Ellen Will Find Herself In Several Crazy, Embarrassing Situations This Is A Story Of Friendship, Love And How One Very Sarcastic Woman Can Find The Strength To Pick Up The Pieces After Having Her Heart Broken In Her First Novel, N.A Alcorn Provides Interesting Takes On The Word Vagina, While Giving You A Reason To Re Think Your Next Visit To The Emergency Room This Book Is Bound To Make You Laugh, Smile, And Provide You With Enough Sarcasm To Choke Your Grandmother No, N.A Doesn T Want Anything Bad To Happen To Your Grandma Ruth, But She Does Want You To Strongly Consider Re Naming Your Vibrator After A Guy Who S At The Top Of Your Spank Bank Rotation Be Prepared For Dripping Juice Boxes, Awkward Pelvic Thrusting, And A Little Suspense To Keep Your Snatch On Edge Warning This Novel Contains Explicit Sex, Profanity And Far Too Much Vaginal Humor This Novel Is Not Meant For Anti Fornicators, Up Tight Prudes, Or Virgins Who Refuse To Go To Pound Town.

About the Author: N.A. Alcorn

Author of the Infamous Series.The Infamous Ellen James Dec 2013Avoiding Amy Jackson Feb 2014Finding Lizzy Montgomery Summer 2014Avid reader.Tequila enthusiast Smut addict Lover of all things inappropriate and perverted.

10 thoughts on “The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous, #1)

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    3.5 stars Great humor, likeable characters, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many references to the vagina and all the other variations of that word Don t get me wrong, this book was down right funny at times But the same joke told over and over got OLD Nearly all of the humor and dialogue hinged on references to body parts, most particularly the vagina and its many other name

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    11 18 Five Big Bold Hysterical Triple Plow PLEASE Trent Hamilton Loving Stars After doing nothing but reading this book for a day, all I can honestly say right now is WOW I have a fever and the only cure is Trent Hamilton The Hamiltonian Effect is in full swing over here.My full review will come after the blog tour, but I have to say this The Infamous Ellen James is one of the b

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    Okay, this is not a book that will win any Pulitzer Prize.but hell, it wins hands on for being such a funny read I had a smile on my face whilst reading about snarky, sassy and foul mouth Ellen James s life as a nurse and her problems with love Great characters, awesome and dirty dialogue Can we finish this conversation tomorrow I have to get ready for work Sure I can t wait to rehash ho

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    4 funtastic stars Now I m not going to lie and say this is the best story I ve ever read because I d be lying I will say it was one if the most entertaining and I was cracking up so much and reading with a smile on my face.If you liked Greys anatomy then you d like this I don t know but I got that vibe while reading.Why I think that Firstly Trent is a Dr, a trauma surgeon so many hours in the ORE

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    3.5 Too Much Vagina Talk and Not Enough Action Stars Hi my name is Ellen James and I love to talk about my vagina I love to see how many variations of names I can come up with for my vagina I love to use my vagina Let me break it down for you.this book was centered around two things.theand drinking.Copious amounts of drinking We re talking full on hammered, doing stupid shit drinking And not just a night

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    Snarky, funny, sexy

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    Total 43 CentsI just want to clear the air before I get on with my review First, this review is most likely bias It is unavoidable I have known about this book from the very beginning I have read chapters when N.A was wigging out, I have had conversations and brainstorming sessions about these characters So to me they exist Quiet realistically, if I may add Ellen, Trent, Amy and every other character in this debut novel ha

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    2.5 stupidly silly STARSGenre Hospital romance.Cover Doesn t match with what s inside 4 10Writing style 5 10Heroine 5 10Hero 8 10Amount of humor Though it didn t all make me laugh, it s full of it 10 10I think I felt the same as most of the other readers we wanted a dual POV It starts with Trent s POV, and I kept on waiting for him to talk again The setting was great, kind of Scrubs style, the main characters are hospital workers I

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    I really wanted to like this one, but the potty mouthed childish humor did me in I have read other books where I didn t mind this aspect, but maybe because these people are professional, nurses and doctors, it made me think less of them I had a hard time with Ellen, her life was o...

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    4.5 dirty minded stars My name is Ellen James Elle for short I m ornery and sarcastic, and my favorite word has four letters, starts with an F, and ends with U, C, and K I m loud, obnoxious, and inappropriately honest I have a girl crush on my yoga instructor and take pride in the fact that I can double plow I promise it s a yoga position What the actual fu k just happened I can honestly say I have never read a book like this and I mean that in a go

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