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Invisible Magic Hidden From A World Unaware Of Magic, A Recently And Only Partially Trained Group Of Operatives Known As The Invisible Recruits Are The Only Ones Willing To Stand Between Mankind And Those Powerful Preternatural Factions Seeking To Change The Balance Of Power And Gain World DominationAlex Noziak, Part Witch Part Shaman, Anticipates Facing Dangerous Preternaturals Out For Blood Not Fashion Week But When The Rookie Agent Is Sent Undercover To Find Out Who, Or What, Is Behind A Series Of World Wide Thefts Of Top Secret Intelligence, Alex Tangles With The SeekersSeekers Hunt Gifted Human Individuals Like Alex And Her Squad Whose Rare Powers Can Keep The Balance Between Human And Nonhuman Squarely On The Side Of The Humans Her Simple Assignment Turns Into A Battle Of Survival For Everyone Involved When She Crosses Bran, A Mysterious Warlock, Who Might Be Her Only Ally Or Worst EnemyTo Save The Innocent, Alex Must Call Upon Her Untested Abilities, But At What Cost

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    This book turned out to be eventhan I hoped for Alex is a great character, she is kick ass but not full of herself Funny The story has twists turns, i really could not figure out what was going to happen at all, it was great as i love surpr

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    Invisible Magic is the first book of a new PNR Spy Thriller series The premise is interesting and Alex is a well fleshed out character Read full review in the 2013 June issue of InD tale Magazine Invisible Magic is the first book of a new PNR Spy Thr

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    Invisible Magic by Mary Buckham is a roller coaster of an Urban Fantasy that takes place in a world full of magic, mystery, danger and intrigue It s a world where human and non humans have coexisted together for many years From witches to warlocks, to shape sh

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    I originally picked up this book due to the four and five star reviews though I do prefer the Urban Fantasy genreDue to the title and the blurb I was expecting a lotmagic and action scenes in this book so I was disappointed The story seemed to focus on finding out who w

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    In Invisible Magic, book 1, the Invisible Recruit unit is a hidden group of operatives that stand between humans and non humans Alex Noziak is a witch with patchy powers who knows magic comes at a cost, that s how she came to be a part of the group She is given an assignment that

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    An acquired tasteThe knowledge I am gaining by reading this novel and the others in this series will definitely be applied Mary Buckham your characters are amazing and your narrative explosive Definitely an acquired taste

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    This review and many others can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction Addiction3.5 5 StarsI haven t read a ton of urban fantasy, but Mary Buckham s books caught my eye I got this book along with eight others in a compilation oncalled The Perfect Ten and I m so glad I did So far I ve read this book a

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    This was my first foray in the world of Mary Buckham and the Invisible Recruits I did so as a result of pursuing my obsession of reading and joining a wonderful group of people on Facebook, which subsequently introduced me to this fantastic author I love Urban Fantasy Once I thought all fantasy was just fanta

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    It s in your best interest to read the prequel novella, Invisible Prison , prior to reading Invisible Magic The novella will give you a lotbackground on Alex Noziak before getting into the meaty book one of the series.In Invisible Magic , Alex Noziak and the other recruits are operatives who must stop a plot to disrupt

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    I really enjoyed this book and found that I was engaged in Alex Noziak s struggles as she is sent on a mission as an unprepared operative She struggles with her belief system that using magic carries a heavy and dark price, and with her own team whom she does not fully trust I like that she is constantly improvising and trying h

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