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Measuring Up Seventeen Year Old Annabel Conway Is Tired Of The Hillcrest High School Elite Making Her Life Miserable Because She S Not A Size Two This Summer, She S Hiring A Personal Trainer To Help Her Lose Weight Annabel Doesn T Expect Her Trainer To Be A Gorgeous Guy Around Her Age Boys Like Tegan Are Jerks They Pretend To Like Girls Like Her So They Can Make An Idiot Out Of Them Been There, Done That Totally Not Going There Again She Kind Of Hates Him On Principal Blond Muscular Funny It Doesn T Help That He Knows Her Measurements Soon, Tegan S So Much Than That He S The Boy Who Teaches Her To Box When She Has A Bad Day Who Jogs With Her And Lets Her Set The Pace Who Kisses Her Until She Melts He Makes Her Feel Beautiful Regardless Of What The Scale Says Unlike Her Mom, He Doesn T Expect Perfection, And He Doesn T Try To Shield Her From The World Like Her Dad And Best Friend Tegan Likes Her The Way She Is.But What Happens When He S Not There He Can T Always Be There Will Annabel Be Able To Stand On Her Own And Learn That She Already Measures Up That Her Worth Doesn T Lie In What The World Thinks, The Scale Says, Or Even What Tegan Tells Her But In Herself

About the Author: Nyrae Dawn

I am a compulsive reader and writer who loves YA fiction I love nothingthan writing about young adults There is something so fresh and fun about it You can pretty much always find me with a book in my hand or open document in front of me I live in Southern California with my husband and two children.

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    Wow Just Wow I LOVE this author.I LOVE this book.This is my third book by Nyrae and I have now come to the realization that if I want to sleep then I shouldn t pick up one of her books All three have been read in one sitting.This is the first of hers that I have read from a girls POV and it did not disappoint As a curvy girl myself I could totally relate to An

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    Originally posted here CoverWhat is worse than faces people on the cover People who don t look like the characters described in the book and are PDA ing yes, I m aware that this is not a word Good thing I have this in ebook format because I really don t want to be seen with it in public This is one of the cases of Don t judge a book by its cover though so I m going

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    YAY Annabel and Tegan s story This is one of those books where the MC s voice will have you totally giggling, while the overall message is a serious one It s adorable, heart warming, and important.

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    AwwThis book was so adorable I was a bit afraid to read this but it worked out really well AnnabelIn the beginning I thought I wouldn t like the heroine She was insecure and wanted to please everyone else I usually dislike girls without a backbone, especially when it seemed that to do anything she needed Tegan s encouraging But Annabel evolved during the book She began to lose

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    I can t say enough good things about Measuring Up I m a huge fan of Nyrae Dawn s writing anyway but I think she s really tapped into something with this book.All women probably men too live with insecurities about their bodies or some aspect of their life In Annabel s case it s her weight Nyrae writes about her struggles with humor and honesty.Annabele Conway has to deal with her mom

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    This was a story about a real girl named Anabell She was so relatable It was a story not just about her weightloss, but finding and accepting herself.I just have to say, Nyrae Dawn sure knows how to write boys Tegan was great I know he was not perfect but he was close The message of the book is one everyone should hear you have to love and accept you first and foremost Relationships should

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    Love Annabel.Love Tegan.This book is equal parts funny, sweet, sexy and heartbreaking.Oh and there might also be swooning involved

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    4 1 2 stars After reading the awesomeness that is What A Boy Wants What A Boy Needsand Freeing CarterI decided to give this a go I was not disappointed This is a YA Romance, but it is has hidden meanings Ie your beautiful the way your are Friendship Family etc Annabel Conway is rich She goes to a private school Trouble is, she only has one friend and is picked on at school as she is not a size 2 She d

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    As a fellow chubby girl, I really wanted to love this story I did The writing was pretty clean I liked the leading man I just didn t like the protagonist She bothered me for some reason She just assumed so many things and I couldn t figure out what the lead liked about her She wasn t very personable, she seemed kind of bumbling, she wasn t exactly that witty, and she had horrible mood swings I didn t get th

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    Okay I m just going to bust out and say it Nyrae Dawn is a Goddess Every book of hers is a masterpiece I thought nothing could be as good as Freeing Carter, but this is A wonderful book about learning to love yourself, learning who you are, and learning to tune out all th...

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