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Model Citizens Not known for its subtlety Some people may miscontrue this text as speaking truth to power, but perhaps what the playwright has put on is the metaphorical opposite of rose tinted glasses blood tinted ones. Download Model Citizens Author Haresh Sharma Pccare247.us A Man Stabs An MP At A Meet The People Session But This Is Not Their Story It Is The Story Of The Man S Girlfriend, An Indonesian Maid Who Wants To Get Married And Become A Singaporean Citizen It Is The Story Of The MP S Wife, Who Tries To Cope With Her Husband S Injury And The Media Spotlight It Is The Story Of The Maid S Employer, Who Is Also Struggling With Her Own Tragedy These Three Women May Mean Nothing To Each Other, But They Need One Another To Survive The Maid, The Employer And The MP S Wife Are They All Model Citizens Written By Veteran Singaporean Playwright Haresh Sharma, Model Citizens Won Best Director Alvin Tan And Best Actress Siti Khalijah Zainal At The 2011 The Straits Times Life Theatre Awards Model Citizens Is Simultaneously Epic And Intimate It S Rich And Complex, Hitting You Both At The Level Of Gut And Intellect Mayo Martin, TODAY As A Piece Of Theatre, Model Citizens Has Both Power And Veracity It Pulsates With A Seething, Palpable Rhythm Of Resistance The Flying Inkpot A Penetrating Look At The Price Of Citizenship And The Fragility Of Trust Clarissa Oon, The Straits Times Curiosity level Engaging and Realistic Model Citizens is a Singaporean play on the unlikely meeting of three women a minister s wife, a maid, and her employer The maid s boyfriend stabs the minister during a Meet the People session when the minister had laughed at him for being a pathetic cleaner, refusing to even listen to him.The maid s employer comes to the rescue by meeting the minister s wife to try to persuade her to be lenient on the maid s boyfriend But as it turns out, this polished family of power has lots of problems, too Who is a model citizen S The interplay between the characters through the use of different languages and their interactions created a good sense of tension and layering Unfortunately the lack of depth and range to the individual characters made them caricature like than believably authentic. The interaction of the three women, positioned at different levels of Singaporean society, hold up a mirror to our own lives, and ask us to reflect, what exactly constitutes a model citizen Is it sufficient to look good on the outside, never mind the inside, as one of the characters advises another The twists are a bit hard to follow in the textual format when did the son commit suicide , and the internet chat exchanges are wildly out of place.Yet this was thought provoking, and I am grateful.Multiculturalism is a limited instrument in that it is merely a recognition of different cultures On the other hand, interculturalism, which refers to the interaction of different cultures sensibilities, beliefs or perspectives , encourages openness and the interplay of different cultural presences in an environment where relati

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Haresh is Resident Playwright of The Necessary Stage and co Artistic Director of the annual M1 Singapore Fringe Festival To date, he has written than 100 plays His play, Off Centre, was selected by the Ministry of Education as a Literature text for N and O Levels, and republished by The Necessary Stage in 2006 In 2008, Ethos Books published Interlogue Studies in Singapore Literature, Vol.

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