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J R J R Is The Long Awaited Novel From William Gaddis, Author Of The Recognitions, That Tremendous Book Which, In The Twenty Years Since Its Publication, Has Come To Be Acknowledged As An American Masterpiece And J R Is A Book Of Comparable Magnitude, Substance, And Humor A Rushing, Raucous Look At Money And Its Influence, At Love And Its Absence, At Success And Its Failures, In The Magnificently Orchestrated Circus Of All Its Larger And Smaller Than Life Characters A Frantic, Forlorn Comedy About Who Uses And Misuses Whom.At The Center J R, Ambitious Sixth Grader In Torn Sneakers, Bred On The Challenge Of Free Enterprise And Fired By Heady Mail Order Promises Of Success His Teachers Would Rather Be Elsewhere, His Principal Doubles As A Bank President, His Long Island Classroom Mirrors The World He Sees Around Him A World Of Public Relations And Private Betrayals Where Everything And Everyone Wears A Price Tag, A World Of Deals Where Honesty Is No Substitute For Experience, And The Letter Of The Law Flouts Its Spirit At Every Turn Operating From The Remote Anonymity Of Phone Booths And The Local Post Office, With Beachheads In A Seedy New York Cafeteria And A Catastrophic, Carton Crammed Tenement On East 96th Street, J R Parlays A Deal For Thousands Of Surplus Navy Picnic Forks Through Penny Stock Flyers And A Distant Textile Mill Bankruptcy Into A Nationwide, Hydra Headed Family Of Companies The J R Corp And Its Boss Engulf Brokers, Lawyers, Congressmen, Disaffected School Teachers And Disenfranchised Indians, Drunks, Divorc Es, Second Hand Generals, And A Fledgling Composer Hopelessly Entangled In A Nightmare Marriage Of Business And The Arts Their Bullish Ventures Shaky Mineral Claims And Gas Leases, Cost Plus Defense Contracts, A String Of Nursing Homes Cum Funeral Parlors, A Formula For Frozen Music Burgeon Into A Paper Empire Ranging From Timber To Textiles, From Matchbooks To Legalized Marijuana, From Prostheses To Publishing, Inadvertently Crushing Hopes, Careers, An Entire Town, On A Collision Course With The Bigger World The Pragmatic Real World Where The Business Of America Is Business, Where The Stock Market Exists As A Convenience, And The Tax Laws Make Some People Equal Than Others The World That Makes The Rules Because It Plays To Win, And Plays For Keeps.Absurdly Logical, Mercilessly Real, Gathering Its Own Tumultuous Momentum For The Ultimate Brush With Commodity Trading When The Drop In Pork Belly Futures Masks The Crumbling Of Our Own, J R Captures The Reader In The Cacophony Of Voices That Revolves Around This Young Captive Of His Own Myths Voices That Dominate The Book, Talking To Each Other, At Each Other, Into Phones, On Intercoms, From TV Screens And Radios A Vast Mosaic Of Sound That Sweeps The Reader Into The Relentless Real Time Of Spoken Words In A Way Unprecedented In Modern Fiction The Disturbing Clarity With Which This Finished Writer Captures The Ways In Which We Deal, Dissemble, Stumble Through Our Words Through Our Lives While The Real Plans Are Being Made Elsewhere Makes J R The Extraordinary Novel That It IsFrom The First Edition Dustjacket

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    This 700 page novel by William Gaddis 1922 1998 is a splendid work of literature And in case you re wondering about the title, JR is the name of one of the main characters, a grungy 12 year old boy who happens to be a financial genius working his money magic from a public telephone booth in a

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    1.Trying to make sense of corporate America is like trying to make sense of Beckett Wait, this was a bad year when you made 5%than last year which was a good year Why are they waiting for some dude who never shows up Why doesn t he just get out of the pile of pig shit .I hate capitalism I abhor it

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    STARTERS Hey You Listening It s like a darned big brick, isn t it Um Monolithic N Intimidating Listen will you, goddammit Impenetrable Not at all No It s just like anything else that s marvellous and new Whaddya mean It s like me trying to write music Until a performer hears what I hear and can make oth

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    Do you find books like Infinite Jest too accessible Is Gravity s Rainbow too basic for you Well friends, William Gaddis s J R is the book for you It s got a slew of amazing features Over 700 pages of almost totally unattributed dialogue Only the smallest specks of narration possible to indicate a change o...

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    I d suggest that what J R documents is the way that America is hollowing out the foundation necessary to even read a book like it, an America that teaches its children via closed circuit television, an America that thinks democracy means owning a share of profit maximizing publicly traded corporations This is wha

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    Rhinegold Rhinegold Purest gold If but your bright gleamstill glittered in the deep Now only in the depths is theretenderness and truth false and faint heartedare those who revel above The Maidens of the Rhine, Rheingold, Richard WagnerThe first thing which struck me about this book was how noisy it was Almost the ent

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    I mean why should somebody go steal and break the law to get all they can when there s always some law where you can be legal and get it all anywayWilliam Gaddis, JRHow do you rate this adequately heh Four stars allows that humanity or Gaddis might reach a little higher, dance a little quicker, squeeze a littlejuice out of

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    Por qu la gente infringe las leyes para coger todo lo que pueden si siempre hay alguna ley con la que puedes ser legal y cogerlo todo de todas formas Quer a leer este libro antes de ir con la considerada mejor obra de Gaddis, Los reconocimientos Con Jota Erre esperaba algo que me permitiera entrar en la narrativa de Gaddis y no

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    Well he, of course he did yes I, because it s one place it s the one place an idea can be left here you can walk out and close the door and leave it here unfinished the most, the wildest secret fantasy and it stays on here by itself in that balance between, the balance between destruction and and realization until Talking day to nig

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    I ve now read three articles two of them introductions to Gaddis own books on this author that concern the purported difficulty of his work one by Rick Moody, one by Jonathan Franzen, and my personal favorite, William H Gass intro to The Recognitions Rick Moody wants us to believe that this, widely seen as one of the hardest novels ever

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