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A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2) Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found Here Time Is Out Of Joint The Summer Of Peace And Plenty, Ten Years Long, Is Drawing To A Close, And The Harsh, Chill Winter Approaches Like An Angry Beast Two Great Leaders Lord Eddard Stark And Robert Baratheon Who Held Sway Over An Age Of Enforced Peace Are Deadvictims Of Royal Treachery Now, From The Ancient Citadel Of Dragonstone To The Forbidding Shores Of Winterfell, Chaos Reigns, As Pretenders To The Iron Throne Of The Seven Kingdoms Prepare To Stake Their Claims Through Tempest, Turmoil, And War As A Prophecy Of Doom Cuts Across The Sky A Comet The Color Of Blood And Flame Six Factions Struggle For Control Of A Divided Land Eddard S Son Robb Has Declared Himself King In The North In The South, Joffrey, The Heir Apparent, Rules In Name Only, Victim Of The Scheming Courtiers Who Teem Over King S Landing Robert S Two Brothers Each Seek Their Own Dominion, While A Disfavored House Turns Once To Conquest And A Continent Away, An Exiled Queen, The Mother Of Dragons, Risks Everything To Lead Her Precious Brood Across A Hard Hot Desert To Win Back The Crown That Is Rightfully Hers A Clash Of Kings Transports Us Into A Magnificent, Forgotten Land Of Revelry And Revenge, Wizardry And Wartime It Is A Tale In Which Maidens Cavort With Madmen, Brother Plots Against Brother, And The Dead Rise To Walk In The Night Here A Princess Masquerades As An Orphan Boy A Knight Of The Mind Prepares A Poison For A Treacherous Sorceress And Wild Men Descend From The Mountains Of The Moon To Ravage The Countryside Against A Backdrop Of Incest And Fratricide, Alchemy And Murder, The Price Of Glory May Be Measured In Blood And The Spoils Of Victory May Just Go To The Men And Women Possessed Of The Coldest Steeland The Coldest Hearts For When Rulers Clash, All Of The Land Feels The Tremors Audacious, Inventive, Brilliantly Imagined, A Clash Of Kings Is A Novel Of Dazzling Beauty And Boundless Enchantment A Tale Of Pure Excitement You Will Never Forget

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    This isn t going to be a cutesy review I am well into the third book I fear that if I don t blurt out my thoughts about this one soon, then all the books in the series are going to meld together in my memory Here are my three main impressions 1 Bleak, dreary, and dismalDon t expect any happiness in this book Martin is merciless with his characters And if you do see a bright light, don t trust it One character lea

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    Instead of writing a review, I m just going to post a list of the facial expressions I made while reading this book However I feel this one most accurately sums up A Clash of Kings

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    WINTERFELLLLLLL obey your nerds is what i am learning.srsly i was never going to read this series, but once i started it is like a drug and yes i watched season two before i read this book, but i am not going to wait for seasons 3 4 to read the next one, no way, because i am hooked and I MUST KNOW and if any one of you people spoils the third book for me, i am going to make one of those torture devices with the bucket, the rat, and

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    It was right about at the beginning of George R R Martin s A Clash of Kings, the second book in his A Song of Ice and Fire series, that I admitted to myself that I wanted to quit my job and everything else in my life so I could stay home and read all day I resisted the urge I m still not quite sure if I made the right decision.You think you know someone, and then you read the second book about her Or him Though, for the most part, the changes

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    If long Fantasy stories have fundamental rules, they probably go like this 1 create a rich world, 2 put interesting characters in it, and 3 mix up some sequence of interesting things happening around them, happening to them, and being done by them Martin s first novel in this series, A Game of Thrones, fulfilled all three swimmingly He forged one of the deepest Fantasy realms since Tolkien, with a mythology, culture and history He spun characters of a

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    Re ReadI freaking finished it I have to admit I have watched, well own the boxsets, of all the shows up to the current one I can t watch is because I don t have HBO But I digress There really isn t muchthat I can say that hasn t already been said etc and so on I will just add a few excerpts and some pictures and some thoughts That stuff I love Jon Snow It seems like he didn t have much in the book A few of the characters I love didn t have a lot of stuff going o

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    Everyone seems to agree that George R.R Martin and A Song of Ice and Fire are titans in the genre of Epic Fantasy True, true Everyone also seems to agree that the best characters are Tyrion, Arya, and Jon Snow They are indeed wondrous characters They are heroes They fail many times, but in a way they are infallible they are so incredibly sympathetic, they are always trying to do the right thing, they have kindness empathy bravery loyalty In fact nearly every voice in th Everyone se

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    Whew Another one down These have got to be some of the longest audiobooks that I ve ever listened to Yet, despite the length, I cannot pull myself away from this series I am completely hooked on this sordid and gory saga.The second book in the series, A Clash of Kings picks up the story and submerges readers in action and adventure With all of the new kings coming forward to lay claim to different lands and all of the battles, I found myself again, lost at times There are so many moving Whew

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    This is the Imp s hour this is the Imp s book Forget about Dany, and forget about Jon Snow because this is the book where we get to see the true quality of Tyrion Lannister Tyrion is my favourite character in this series, so I m somewhat biased in my review For me, he is the most unique, and original, character that George R.R Martin has written He is wise beyond his years and has developed an acute perception of things he knows his own place in the world and he knows exactly what it is I This is the

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