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As this novel opens, Green River State Penitentiary is a pot of hatred and violence about to boil over It s run by a megalomaniacal, unstable warden and packed with four cell blocks of angry men waiting for their chance to lash out in short, not a place anyone in their right mind would want to be Unfortunately, our hero Ray Klein is stuck in the middle of it, imprisoned on a false rape charge and with only days left to go on his sentence When things go critical Klein is prevented from simply holing up in his cell by the presence of Juliette Devlin, a psychiatrist visiting the prison that he has of course fallen in love with.Every book I ve read by Willocks has been a variation on this admittedly powerful theme a reluctant hero forced to brave an anarchic maelstrom of violence for the ones he loves I think Willocks most masterful use of this plot was probably in the ridiculously gore soaked Twelve Children of Paris, but this one certainly gives that book a hell of a run for its money The author immediately throws us into this hellish world of racial hatred, squalor, and rape and like Klein we have to sink or swim GRSP is wonderfully imagined and it takes no effort t One of those books you start and cannot put down Willocks has a fabulous skill of getting inside the head of his protagonists and writing visceral, brutally realistic stories I d recommend this with the rider that it is violent and the la Green River Rising is about a prison riot It is violent, tough, has plenty of tension, a menacing atmosphere and great characters.It also happens to be my all time favourite five star book It is the book I will never forget and the book that changed my life.Green River Rising was published in 1994 when I was 20 years old I had not read a work of fiction for years Reading books for enjoyment Are you crazy I had read books in my youth but not any Books are boring I was and still am a big movie fan and Reservoir Dogs was my favourite film It had introduced me to a whole new world of film It also influenced many movies and books.I read a review of Green River Rising which placed it in the same vein as Reservoir Dogs agree disagree which got my attention I went to my local book store a strange unkn I liked Green River Rising but it was too melodramatic in many of the chapters for me I don t mind some drama in thrillers but when it reaches the level of drama that a high school vampire romance novel has, that s not such a good thing in my view The characters also di Green River Rising Download Author Tim Willocks Bandcamptomp3.co.uk In Un Angolo Del Texas Sorge Il Penitenziario Di Green River, Carcere Dimassima Sicurezza, Sinistro Deposito Di Un Umanit Reietta 2800 Detenutid Ogni Razza Concentrati In Un Labirinto Di Granito E Acciaio Sotto Un Enormecupola Di Vetro, Sempre Illuminata In Questo Inferno Ray Klein Riuscito Asopravvivere Mantenendosi Fedele A Un Solo Motto Non Sono Cazzi Tuoi Ma Ilgiorno In Cui Ottiene La Libert Vigilata, Green River Esplode In Una Rivoltad Inimmaginabile Ferocia, Una Guerra Tribale Che Mette L Intero Carcere Nellemani Dei Detenuti Ray Deve Scegliere Tenersi La Libert E Abbandonarel Unica Persona Che Ama, O Rischiare Tutto E Combattere. Every year or so I return to this epic novel, it reminds me of what a book can achieve Willocks tale of a prison riot is brutal and uncompromising with a story that will shock and hold the reader in its grasp Never has a story held such power over me Without a doubt on La letteratura di libri ambientati in carcere piena spesso lo scrittore un ex detenuto che racconta la propria esperienza diretta sotto forma di biografia, o romanzo, A volte lo scrittore solo uno scrittore, che magari ha fatto lunghe ricerche Qualunque sia il caso indubbio che il tema per le caratteristiche del carcere, struttura chiusa e vissuta solo da detenuti, secondini e poco altro interessa e in qualche modo affascina Il risultato purtroppo che, anche quando ben scritti, questi libri si somigliano po tutti Essere originali non facile E qui che si colloca la prima parte de Il fine ultimo della creazione La lettura scorrevole, piacevole nonostante la crudezza del linguaggio, gli eventi sono ben raccontati e ogni personaggio ha il proprio tratto distintivo ben definito si raggiunge anche qu Non saprei esattamente, se me lo chiedessero, se consigliare o meno la lettura di questo libro A tratti bello ed entusiasmante con l ambientazione carceraria riprodotta molto bene, a tratti troppo prolisso e di scrittura ricercata che al di fuori dell ambientazione stessa e dunque e mal si mescola con la trama e a tratti decisamente fuori dalle righe per via della profusione di sesso quel troppo che stroppia e che risulta alla fine in alcuni personaggi come quello della dottoressa Devlin, inverosimile , linguaggio mi sta bene che l ambientazione lo impone, ma credo si sia esagerato e la caraterizzazione del personaggio principale, che all inizio pare anche troppo composto e alla fine sembra un incarnazione di Rambo Insomma l dea e la storia del libro da apprezzare, anche la chiusura finale, anche se prevedibile ci sta bene, ma sembra che si sia voluto cuocere un pezzo di carne con troppo fuoco e troppa paprika, rovinandone in superfcie tutto il gusto Per ritrovarlo e riuscire ad apprezzare la storia bisogna insomma scartare quell eccesso di scrittura che ha rovinato in parte quello che poteva essere un buon libro da quattro stellette L ambientazione carceraria riprodotta e riportata al lettore davvero superbamente e i personaggi che ci vivono in costrizione sono pennellati molto bene e devo dire sono mo If all you were to do was to skim read it might be easy to see why it is that those who criticize this extraordinary novel for being clich d for portraying the inmates as brutal, brutalized, racist, sexist, homophobic for demeaning whites and for ennobling blacks, Hispanics, Latinos etc., do so However, a closer reading would find that this was far from the truth I suspect those making the criticism haven t been within a hundred miles of the kind of institution upon which the Green River State Penitentiary is based This reviewer hasn t either but if those depicted in any U.S prison documentary that I have ever seen are half way near being true portrayals then this book certainly has the ring of truth It s even been criticized for having a female character who likes sport imagine that There are no criticisms levelled at this book that could not also be levelled at movies such as Shawshank, Brubaker, Cool Hand Luke, American History X, Felon etc and it is from such as these that the vast majority of readers will have taken their mental images of hi This book is superb i was torn between not being able to put it down forcing myself to slow down as i didn t want it to finish From the first chapter a knot of anxiety grew in my stomach and i felt a dreadful sense of foreboding, something terrible is about to happen in Green River I ve seldom read a book that paint s such a detailed description of it s setting that not only could i see the prison but i could smell it s sweat soaked malice taste it s rancid misery I was frightend for these character s for Klein and Coley and the rest of the castaway s stranded in this version of Hell the one thing i couldn t shake was Marlon Brando s face every time i read about Hobbes, but as the author himself make s the comparison between his Warden Colonel Kurtz it s hard not to Are we also to think that Klein is the author s versio Green River Rising

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British doctor and novelist.

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