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Looking For Best Practices In RESTful APIs This Book Is For You Why Because This Book Is Packed With Best Practices On Many Technical Aspects Of RESTful API Design, Such As The Correct Use Of Resources, URIs, Representations, Content Types, Data Formats, Parameters, HTTP Status Codes And HTTP Methods You Want To Design And Develop APIs Like A Pro Use API Description Languages To Both Design APIs And Develop APIs Efficiently The Book Introduces The Two Most Common API Description Languages RAML And OpenAPI Swagger Your APIs Connect To Legacy Systems The Book Shows Best Practices For Connecting APIs To Existing Backend Systems You Expect Lots Of Traffic On Your API The Book Shows You How To Achieve High Security, Performance, Availability And Smooth Evolution And Versioning Your Company Cares About Its Customers Learn A Customer Centric Design And Development Approach For APIs, So You Can Design APIs As Digital Products The API University Series Is A Modular Series Of Books On API Related Topics Each Book Focuses On A Particular API Topic, So You Can Select The Topics Within APIs, Which Are Relevant For You Keywords RESTful, REST, API Design, API, API Description Languages, RAML, OpenAPI SwaggerMatthias Has Provided Expertise To International And National Companies On Software Architecture, Software Development Processes And Software Integration At Some Point He Got A PhD Nowadays, Matthias Uses His Background In Software Engineering To Help Companies To Realize Their Digital Transformation Agenda And To Bring Innovative Software Solutions To The Market He Also Loves Sharing His Knowledge In The Classroom, At Workshops And In His Books Matthias Is An Instructor At The API University, Publishes A Blog On APIs, Is Author Of Several Books On APIs And Regularly Speaks At Technology Conferences RESTful API Design

About the Author: Matthias Biehl

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre RESTful API Design , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Matthias Biehl auteurs dans le monde.

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